Saturday, July 30, 2011

She is big here



Velvet voice

I traveled to the Chicago loop last week to photograph a larger than life Marilyn Monroe. Of course one other word to describe Marilyn today would be dead. She was gone before I had become of the age to notice sex symbols.

I put these and few other of my shots together in a video clip. If you are interested click over to Another Circus.

One last MM description:
Candle in the wind

Elton John’s original version was released in the early 70’s and was on one of my favorite albums, “Goodbye Yellow Brick Road”.

If you don’t know of Unknown Mami (most people don’t know the unknown - right?) then you should check out her blog and her SIMC feature.

Unknown Mami


Jillsy Girl said...

WOW...she is huge!  And, just for the record....Goodbye Yellow Brick Road was one of my favest albums during college (and still is)!

savannah said...

i LOVE the video clip, sugar! great photos, too. xooxoxx

(catching up, so you'll have a few comments popping up from me!)

lisleman said...

Yes who didn't like Bennie and Jets ?

Robyn said...

That's really neat. I'd never seen that Monroe statue.
And I LOVE Candle in The Wind. It's such a wonderful tribute to Marilyn Monroe.
Found you through your comment at Unknown Mami.
Happy Sunday and new week.

Sheila Burke said...

What a cool post!  And I cannot listen to Eltons song... ALWAYS tears me up!

My Sundays IMC is up

TechnoBabe . said...

I was a fan of Marilyn Monroe. I knew so many actors back then and lots of them knew her. Interesting that the famous picture of Marilyn was made into a large statue in your city. Very cool.

Tara R. said...

That is an amazing statue. With the people in the shot it's easier to see how truly huge it is.

Audreyoka said...

I have family in Chicago. We always travel to a different part of downtown when we're there for a visit. Great photos.

lisleman said...

thanks for coming over and taking a look.  There is a variety of topics up here.  I try but fail at times to keep to the theme of "lighten up".
thanks hope to see more comments from you.

lisleman said...

You must know then that this location is right there in the center of things on Michigan Ave north of the river.

unknownmami said...

She went to my high school.

lisleman said...

interesting - does the school have a statue or some tribute to her?

Bearmancartoons said...

I expected a shot of you looking up her dress.

lisleman said...

I did have someone take my picture of me hugging her calf (you didn't know MM was a farmer did you - she had cute calves) but since the biggest complaint about the statue is her panties I thought I would not post it here.  However if you watch the youtube clip you'll see it in that.

Kim Stevens said...

Well, she always was bigger than life and now literally!! I am amazed at the detail - the muscles in her arm - amazing! Going to have to check her out next time we are up that way visiting family.

Jene said...

I have to say, I find that just a little bit creepy.

Elton John is one of my all-time favorites, but I think I'd go with Tiny Dancer over Candle in the Wind. My siblings and I used to sing Daniel at karaoke embarrassingly often.

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