Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fuzzy slipper Friday Fragment

Mrs. 4444 likes repeating numbers and letters. Besides hosting FF she also hosts SS.  I wonder if she repeats herself much.  Maybe I should start LL (Lisleman Laughs or Lisleman Lighten-up).

Well you don’t really need to start anything except your blog reading because Mrs. 4444 has it all collected for your clicking and reading pleasure.

(Friday? are you still in Thursday? It’s Friday morning in Fiji now and I wish I was there but my blog can be.)

Mommy's Idea

Good laugh - Do you ever laugh about what makes you laugh?

I claim I’m the most likely left-over (oh I could get 3 'L's from that - Lisleman's Likely Left-over) eater in the house.  However, there are still occasionally spoiled left-overs thrown out.  Recently I explained my getting-milk-for-my-cereal procedure to my wife.  I’m focused on just getting the milk out and don’t bother to look around the inside of the fridge. Men are focused.

As I grabbed the milk jug today, I see this resealable bag containing food hanging on top of the milk. I think what the … and then it hits me. I just cracked up laughing. I’ll be sure to eat those left-over sausage links now.

This next line is taken from some membership email spam I just received.
Let the Appraiser examine your email address today, and he'll show you how to earn thousands of AAdvantage® bonus miles.
What? You obviously have my email address, so what does this creep appraiser want to do with it? Stalk me. Dumb.

hot yoga ??? 
Do you have any clue? I ran across this term and was puzzled.  My record shows that I once actually attempted a yoga class with my wife many years ago. Fail yoga would be my name for it.

Fuzzy slipper?
(remember the title? pay attention people)

Ok I’m a closet fuzzy slipper guy. You got a problem with that?

You know you can save on heating bills by keeping your feet warm. Alpaca slippers are the best. These slippers (seen new in the pic below) kept my toes toasty. Unfortunately they wore out.

Somewhat related questions - I recently left this comment at “From Tracie”:
“...Maybe I should post a foot picture. Am I nuts (well don't answer that part) to think that there has been an increase in pictures of feet? One of our daughters takes group shots of feet. You have a picture of empty shoes. Next year knee caps? “

Has there been an increase in feet pictures and if so why?
(extra points - Will knee caps be next?)

(grabbed from a forward email)

A married man should forget his mistakes. 
There's no use in two people
remembering the same thing!


Kristina P. said...

I rarely do leftovers. Pizza or pasta? Fine, but really nothing else.

Charlie Callahan said...

Lisleman's Likely Left-over lettuce, liver, and lasagna. I have slippers that are so fuzzy they purr. Oh. Wait. That's the neighbor's cats that are purring.

oceangirl said...

woho this is funny. hot yoga is where you do yoga in heated room. i was in fail yoga too and staying in it.

lisleman said...

drop the liver and I would eat it.  Honestly I can not recall having lettuce on my lasagna.  You better get you foot out of your neighbor's cat - just saying.

lisleman said...

you are so fresh

lisleman said...

So it's not hot in your yoga class?  I remember this funny exchange on TV once when the guy newscaster thought he heard yogurt pants and the woman knew all along that they were talking about yoga pants.  You had to see it to enjoy.
I think I like my yogurt and yoga cold.

Barbara said...

My son is the 'leftover king' in our family and you made me think of him. My refrigerator and I miss him living at home! And I had never heard of hot yoga until a friend went to a class this week and now you mentioned it!! Weird! And yes, there are lots more feet pics lately. I actually took a photo of all the feet at my Diva weekend, but to be honest, it wasn't very flattering. Swimming pools aren't kind to pedicures. Hope you have a great weekend!

lisleman said...

Oh I think you are on to something here.  The pedicure conspiracy is behind all this.  After I quick google search, I found a place call Hair Conspiracy in AZ that does pedicures.  So they start this social trend of feet pictures just to get more customers.  Oh how devious.  Your toes don't stand a chance.  They are probably working on a toe tracker right now.  Good code name = tow truck.  After the pedicure do they offer to take a picture?  Coupon if you post it on FB.  Oh this could be could be big, I tell ya.

(ah yeah another one on the rocks please)

Do you know anyone at the NY Times or Washington Post?
Oh I can see it now - Pedi-gate.  We'll take down those devious toe cleaning polishing jerks.  So you in with me?
Keep your toes covered until you hear from me.

dbs said...

I once had fuzzy slippers. When my kids were little they would become part of their games. Nowadays, with teens, they still steal them. To wear!

Dysfunctional Mom said...

My husband is the left-over eater here.  Even the kids' leftovers from restaurants....which they don't appreciate much.  We need a locking fridge!

tracismixedbag said...

My husband agrees and practices your thought for the day. Foot photography the new frontier. I just got an email trying to sell me a domain name that has nothing to do with me, for $400.00. WTF?

Jene said...

Nice slippers! They do look very toasty. Mine are in serious need of replacing, I'll keep your Alpaca tip in mind.

I'm big on leftovers, husband not so much.

Hot yoga is crazy. I don't like being hot, but I tried it once just to see what all the hype was about. Not for me.

LLL would be fun, I vote for you to do it. AFCSOAC needs a meme! (and now that I've typed that out, I'm going to spend the next hour figuring out new things for those letters to stand for)

Jene said...

I love leftover pizza, but I just can't do leftover pasta. It always tastes so gummy. Any tips?

brainella said...

I take leftovers a lot because the selection of lunch fare around here is bad news.

I am a slipper addict. I have about eight pairs currently. :)

lisleman said...

You have the ideas flying today which is great.  Thanks for the ICB idea that you should see on G+.
LLL - Now I thinking Lisleman's Left-over Laughs.  Laughs are great left-overs.  Too often we can't remember the joke.  One possible problem would be me keeping to a schedule.  Meme players like schedules right?  I like memes but not schedules.

lisleman said...

I don't care for my kids borrowing my clothes.  None of them ever asked to wear my slippers.

lisleman said...

tips ?  Yeah eat all your pasta.

lisleman said...

locking fridge - who keeps the combo?
Maybe a fridge camera would be better.

lisleman said...

domain name about foot photos?  I'm confused.
Few people make a living selling domain names but it is possible.

lisleman said...

I'm a wearer but not an addict.   Shoe addiction can be a problem I've heard.  Maybe slippers are the gateway drug to shoe addiction.

frau said...

I agree it's a conspiracy....not sure why there is more pictures being taken of feet...But I'm guilty, I take they of my favorite shoes or new shoes all the time. I blame it on my daughters generation they are always taking feet pictures! or should I blame it on the alcohol!! 

lisleman said...

Well if the picture was taken from the floor up - its the alcohol.
My kids generation too - what are they thinking?  Was there feet related event in their lives?  Dirty dancing?  Foot loose movie?

unknownmami said...

I think females have always taken pictures of feet. If I'm not mistaken there is even a line about it in the movie, "Lost in Translation".

TechnoBabe . said...

Your fuzzy slippers are cool. Were they worn out at Fathers Day? You have to post a list of the things you would like for Fathers Day on the frig for everyone to see. Now you have to wait till Christmas.

We do leftovers, sorta make them into something else, disguise the original leftover stuff. 

lisleman said...

That was a good Bill Murray film.  I don't remember the feet line.
"Always" as in since digital cameras.  I went through hundreds of slides of my parents from the fifties and don't remember one foot/feet shot.
I suspect it is a generational thing.  Actually a pedicure conspiracy.

lisleman said...

thanks - no father's day didn't have anything to do with them.  I bought them in Peru.  My kids took care of my craft beer  request this year.  One good thing about having adult kids - they can buy you adult stuff.

KLo said...

First, I have a wild urge to play Scattergories now (3 Ls and such)

Also, a commenter on my blog posted today about having "Hobbit feet".  I asked him to send a pic and he did ... it totally made me day :-)

lisleman said...

off to learn about hobbit feet

mimbles said...

I have snuggly sheepskin slippers, but alpaca would be awesome :)

lisleman said...

If yours are fur lined then they are about the same.  The best part was the trip to go get them.
thanks for stopping by

W.C. Camp said...

I have gone to many stores looking for that THIRD fuzzy slipper that you put on your chin. Where did you go to buy it? Fun post as usual! W.C.C.

lisleman said...

I should add that story to next week's FF.  I've had it for 6, 7 years now.  I have grandkids that would not know me without it.  It's staying.

From Tracie said...

Yoga is already torturous, I can only imagine that making it hot would be even worse. Unless that means you are supposed to look hot while doing it, which in my experience is impossible (maybe not impossible for some people, but definitely impossible for me!)

You wife is brilliant. I am not thinking of several things that I can hang off the top of the milk jug. 

I LOVE the fuzzy slippers! Very cool. They look really comfortable, too. Thanks for the shout out. 

lisleman said...

thanks for stopping by.  Maybe I should run contest about things your spouse should notice in the fridge.
I hope to add more to my pedicure conspiracy idea.  Any help/info you share will help expose it.

Mrs4444 said...

I would not have pegged you as the fuzzy slipper, but I guess it does suit you :)

Not a fan of leftovers unless the food was wonderful. Today, it was wonderful. (Working on getting the recipe for Chicken Confit on my cooking blog. Yum.

Working on getting my photos reestablished on Mrs4444 cooks. It's as simple as using google images, thank God. Thanks for you help with that.

lisleman said...

No problem with the suggestions/help - I really enjoy helping fellow bloggers and even MIL's email problems (well sometimes MIL gets a little annoying but she's a great lady).  The fuzzy slippers - it's not as if they were pink or had rabbit ears.  Guys wear fur hats why not fur fuzzy slippers?  Thanks.

secret agent woman said...

Wait - where's the food?  That is a remarkably empty fridge!

lisleman said...

yes it is very empty.  Actually that's not the fridge in my story.  It's my sister's fridge.  Why do I have a picture of my sister's fridge? - well you need to know my sister.

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