Saturday, July 16, 2011

blog anniversary

No not this one.
My other one - ICB.

I can’t blog

I thought anniversary - party?

Maybe we could have a word party.
Please no gifts.  Well OK, you can give words.  You know the comment section.

Here's the link to ICB first anniversary page.  (be gentle it's still a baby)

Let them say we're crazy... remember the ICB team?


oceangirl said...

i can't believe it. it has been a year. you did this just when i decided to post my last post. never say never, never say last, and never say you can't:) happy anniversary my friend.

lisleman said...

 Thank you and I'm happy that you got back up on the blog horse (blog boat?, blog bike? whatever you get it).

W.C. Camp said...

You're not crazy - that is actually called CREATIVITY!! Congrats on making the blog roads so much more interesting!!! W.C.C.

lisleman said...

often there is not much difference between the two.  Thanks

unknownmami said...

I can't believe it's been a year.

lisleman said...

yeah just the third post in year but a few of the comments turn into discussions.  There was an exchange about vlogs that Mrs 4444 started.  I put instructions for making a bladge in the comment section.
thanks - best of luck on the SF blogger thing.

TechnoBabe . said...

I don't know how you have more than one blog and do justice to them all. One blog keeps me busy enough. I don't spend much time on the prep work, but now that I am doing pics for Sundays in my City thingy, I will be putting more effort into the blog.

Congrats on a year anniversary on your other blog. My gift to your word party is enjoy.

Anonymous said...

I was just about to send a gift, but then you said no and I like to respect people's wishes :)

lisleman said...

That's a great word - enjoy - I enjoy your comments.
more than one blog - easy.  Do justice - not easy and I probably don't.  I need to pop over and look at your Sunday pics.

secret agent woman said...

Well, congratulations on the other blog's anniversary.  I guess I'm more a one-blog-per=person sort - it's too hard to keep up those multiple relationships. :-)

lisleman said...

thanks - oh blog relationships - they are so digital.

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