Wednesday, June 15, 2011

strawberry, rose, honey, moon

I don't think we use the names of full moons too much anymore.  If you look up the names for a full moon in June, you'll find strawberry, rose, honey.

During today's rainy afternoon, I watched a lunar eclipse.  This was only possible with today's internet technology.

Thanks to google I discovered that there was a live broadcast of the eclipse taking place on the night side of earth today.  I watched it on youtube.  So while it was cloudy, rainy and daytime here, I was watching a lunar eclipse unfold.

A few years ago I watched one from home.  The nice thing about lunar eclipses is that they last much longer than solar eclipses (hours vs. minutes).

I watched and listened to the host who told some stories about the Apollo program in addition to the full moon naming stories and various lunar facts.

The live broadcast was done through the Slooh robotic space camera.  It's a subscription service that allows members to remotely operate a telescope and take pictures via the internet.  I'm considering a membership.

If you have not witnessed a lunar eclipse you should try to catch one because the colors (rose, strawberry, reds, orange) are amazing.  The colors come from earth's atmosphere.

If you happened to be standing on the moon during an eclipse (of course you would be very famous being in that position), you would see the dark earth block out the sun but all around the edge of the earth would be a red-orange ring.  This is caused by all the sunrises and sunsets taking place.   The multitude of sunrises and sunsets paint the moon shades of red and orange.

I took these screen shots during the live broadcast.


tracismixedbag said...

Whoa! Really cool. Thanks for sharing that with us.

Jene said...

Nice screenshots. I really would like to see one, it seems like every time we're scheduled to have one viewable where I am, it's rainy. That's my weather luck.

My favorite moon right now is Blue Moon. Preferably with an orange slice in the glass.

missing moments said...

Great screen shots.  Loved google's header yesterday. 

lisleman said...

Blue Moon - I just bought some the other day.  Good stuff - I like my fruit separate though.
Blue Moon is a great song too.  Reminds me of Werewolves of London.

secret agent woman said...

I've seen one live before - it's a very cool thing.

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