Thursday, June 16, 2011

factoring friday fragments

Friday? - I just checked. It’s already Friday in Kathmandu so I’m posting.

I surprised myself during my first year of high school. There I was in algebra class just loving the lessons. You know those “light bulb” moments? I had never enjoyed arithmetic in grade school. It was boring. But factoring a tough polynomial was fascinating. I went on to enjoy geometry proofs, trigonometry and took advanced math classes. Regular readers might recall me mentioning my engineering career.

Many years later I had fun teaching those factoring techniques to my high school aged daughter. She achieved a high grade in math that semester. She didn’t catch the math bug like me, but I’m proud that she is a great literacy specialist now.

I think she has a bit of my odd humor because on her school web page you’ll find this quote:
Outside a dog, a book is man's best friend.
Inside a dog, it's too dark to read.
~Groucho Marx~

You don’t need to solve for any unknowns or think about the inside of dog to submit a Friday Fragment post. However, be aware Mrs. 4444 the FF host is a teacher, so she probably expects us to be adults not unruly kids.  But I'm not at all sure what she thinks of me - class clown?.

not me but I like his shirt

Part of the following, I left as a comment this week:
I’m so old and out-of-touch. I thought playdates were the servers at the old playboy clubs. I heard my grandson was involved with a playdate and thought he was way too young.

I had a good laugh discussing nudist beaches with my MIL. How many of you can say that? The subject has never come up before.

It started with talking about Caribbean island vacations. I guess it triggered a few memories. From my understanding, one memory she described would freeze a permanent image in anyone’s brain. Just picture a Caribbean beach with an old saggy nudist guy bending over, sunning the parts where sun doesn’t shine much. Not the type beach balls I want to see.

Mommy's Idea

Now that I wrote that, I’m probably in trouble with Mrs. 4444. Maybe you could write me a note to the teacher. Go ahead use the comment section.


Mrs4444 said...

I'm laughing to hard to chastise you, Lisleman! I will have to tweet your fragments this week :)  Class clown for sure--The sweet kind you don't really want to choke, just put tape on his mouth.

tracismixedbag said...

Somebody has to like math.

BTW. Those are some great comments.

Mrs4444 said...

btw, I loved the Groucho Marx quote, too :)

Ann in the UP said...

Groucho's quotation is one of my favorites!  And it was on a piece of fabric I used on a placemat for my math loving son.  How's that for coincidence?

lisleman said...

luckily even with tape on my mouth I can still type.
thanks, very nice of you to come back
Finding the quote on her school page made me feel even more connected to her.  What does your school page look like?

lisleman said...

thanks  -  When I learned math was much more than just numbers it became interesting.

lisleman said...

Wow, you made a special educational placemat for your son?  That's very nice.  Back when the kids were in school we would place a National Geographic map (many to pick from) under the clear plastic on the kitchen table.  thanks for sharing

lisleman said...

Yes that is a common reaction.  Different brain wiring I guess among us.  I could never sing but many can.  thanks 

W.C. Camp said...

Looks like the Prez is asleep during the science demo - guess he has that $14 trillion debt on his mind? Wish the algebra bug hit me like it did you. I just endured but have always been impressed with those who just somehow instantly seemed to 'Get it' and even better 'TEACH IT! W.C.C.

Kristin_The_Goat said...

I don't want to see those beach balls either!
I was a miserable math student in HS, but a lightbulb finally came on when I went to community college and I ended up with a minor in math. 
Those Playboy bunnies might like to be called play dates, you never know?! lol

lisleman said...

Don't know about the bunnies.  The only Playboy bunnies I ever met were paper. 
So you didn't give up on math.  That's good.  Thanks for stopping, I'm working on a post that your recent hand painting inspired.  I'll let you know on  your post.

lisleman said...

Teachers get my respect.  Surviving teenagers living in my house gives me more appreciation for teachers.  I have taught a few people during my life but it all cases they were people who wanted to learn.
asleep - don't know but they sure have caught the VP sleeping during a speech.  thanks

Dwmatty said...

I was never good at math.  Reading, writing and spelling.....yes.  But math and I just did not see eye-to-eye. 

I was enjoying your fragments until the end.  That image you created in my mind made me forget everything else you wrote. 

lisleman said...

Yes some images are like that.  What I don't understand is if those images are universally disgusting why doesn't the person creating the image "get it"?
thanks for the visit

Kristin_The_Goat said...

I'm looking forward to that inspired post!
Lansing, MI where I grew up, had the very last Playboy Club in the US. I met several bunnies :)

lisleman said...

interesting - the things you can learn on blogs

unknownmami said...

I thought your playdate comment was quite amusing.

joanna jenkins said...

Love the Groucho Marx quote--  The Marx Brothers ALWAYS cracked me up.
I wish I;'d caught the mat bug in school  I struggled bit time through those classes.

Hope you're having a good weekend, jj

lisleman said...

thanks - maybe it's the recent crazy news about Hugh Hefner that made me think of it.  I think that whole wedding thing was a PR stunt.

Rebecca said...

Have you tried linking up yet?  I tried and it didn't work?  Says I didn't link back...but I did.  Hummm..........I have always sucked at math.  I ended up taking college algebra two times and barely passed with a C and then I had to take statistics and I made a B but it was tons of very hard work.

lisleman said...

I just linked up and I noticed about 5 or 6 up there now.  But I also noticed one comment saying linky was having a problem.  Maybe it's cleared now.
Thanks for checking this post.  Hey a B is great and statistics is not easy but something that helps people understand marketing and medical promotions along with many other things.  I hope I didn't sound like I was bragging because I'm not.  There are such a vast number of talents in the world that I don't have.  thanks

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