Sunday, June 19, 2011

love expressions

This post had a convoluted path in getting here on my blog.

It’s the combination of reading another blog, recalling a memory, noticing a popular news story, and listening to a radio show. What connects these odd stories is their expression of love.

I’ll play this back in reverse order because I want to save my memory for last.

This first expression of love involves a man and his horse along with a good amount of alcohol consumption. A shirtless man riding on a horse does sound sorta romantic, but it takes more than losing your shirt and getting on a horse.

On the recent “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” show I heard about this love struck horseman who struck. Here’s a piece from the story:

“....when her drunken suitor – stripped to the waist – galloped up her garden path and smashed his way through the front door like a battering ram.”

Next up is photo that has gone viral on the internet. It now has be given the title:

“Vancouver Kiss”

The story behind the picture is a good one. The couple got caught in the riots. She was knocked down. He came to her aid to comfort and calm her down. Apparently kissing ensued. It would be great if all rioting ended like that.

He is an aussie and now is receiving a bit of fame for it all. Here’s a quote from his mum:
"...that's our boy. He has always lived in his own world, he's special like that. He doesn’t always connect with what going on around him...”
Lastly, I read this post on The Goat blog about putting handprints on a closet wall.

Her post immediately reminded me of our room painting story.

A few years ago we painted our daughter’s room. It’s been paint a few times with various colors and she had painted cartoon figures on the wall once.

Do you always paint the closets? We don’t. But this time we were painting the closet too. As I got into the closet I discovered some writing on the inside wall. 

An historical record of young love left on a wall.

Our daughter had taken a marker to the wall and expressed her love for Matt. She dated the writing. Then about 3 months later she expressed her love for Tony and wrote that she loves Tony much more than Matt. Of course we could not paint over her love expressions. Her love is still expressed there today.

Now in her 30’s she is married to Jim. Matt, Tony, and a few others just didn’t make the cut in the end.


Kristin_The_Goat said...

Oh I love it!!   I think handprints on the wall, declaring love via marker on the wall and a kiss in the street would be a little easier to handle than having man and horse galloping through the door!  But the memory would indeed be vivid!!

Bearmancartoons said...

Next time you visit your daughter's house, go check out the closet and make sure Jim's name is the one on it.

Ocean Girl said...

And did I tell you I like your new template!

lisleman said...

No I don't think you mentioned it before - thanks
It was a fun post to pull together.  Thanks

lisleman said...

It is a great story and the picture is now famous.

lisleman said...

Yes, I think when most women imagine their knight on a horse, they don't think he is drunk.  Drunk on a horse vs. Knight on a horse - big difference.


Sexdrugsandbaconsandwiches said...

I love that!!  FAB.

unknownmami said...

She needs to get back in there and write that she loves Jim.

lisleman said...

funny - oh she can convince Jim of her love in better ways than writing on an old wall at her parents house.  You know if everyone followed your suggestion, think of all the trees around the world that would need more carving.  Writing hearts and initials in the beach sand is much easier and changeable.  thanks

Barbara said...

I am so, so, so glad you didn't paint over her messages! I love it!

lisleman said...

thanks - do you think it could be a selling point for the house someday?

Mrs4444 said...

This is cute. I actually did read it the other night, but I was deliriously tired at the time (I think it was the last thing I read before crashing, around 2:30am.) When my mom's house got a facelift a few years ago and she got a new porch, they took the old one off. Beneath it was our old "fort," the concrete blocks of which we had painted and written all kinds of goofy 1970's messages, like "Peace," "Love," etc.  Graffiti isn't always vandalism :)

lisleman said...

indoor graffiti isn't so bad.  thanks for the comment

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