Sunday, May 08, 2011

what monkey

“Then you had to throw a wrench at the monkey!”

Yes I said that. My adult daughter and I both cracked up. We were in a store. Since I hate shopping and she suggested going to look at yet another store, I was starting to worry about our plans that day. It turned out that her idea was a good one and we still finished quick enough  (no monkeys were injured during our shopping).

Do you ever get your idioms or phrases mixed up?

Now had my wife been holding a bird in her hand, this picture would have had two birds in it instead of one (of course taking the picture would have been difficult holding a bird):

Our kids have joked about writing the family story. I believe the working title is “Go vacuum the grass”.

I know other parents out there have called out the wrong name. We are both guilty of that slip up. This same daughter told us once that she figured she was really in trouble when her name was replaced with the dog’s name. I have no idea what the dog thought.

My sister has the mixed up phrase problem too. Once, at a family gathering she stated to the group discussing dating around the kitchen table:
“Why buy a cow, when there’s milk in the fridge.”

Being human means slip ups, mix ups, and maybe a foot in the mouth. But being human is fun if you can laugh at yourself. Sometimes you really should laugh because those around you are.

Here’s a Canadian newscaster mixing up the Osama and Obama.


Dwmatty said...

I can't tell you how many times over the years I've called one daughter by the other one's name.

Jillsy Girl said...

My hubby finally made a name for them...."Beanisms" when he realized I was full of them!! :-)

My goodness...I'm not sure those were mistakes by the anchor woman, but more like stupidity. She said Obama throughout the report!

Jene said...

We all grew up being called by each others names, too. Once the cousins came along, and now the great-grandchildren, it's not uncommon to hear my grandma go through a whole list of names until she gets to the right one.

I actually like your sister's take on the cow saying.

lisleman said...

It does seem the problem gets worse with age. Not sure I want to know how the "milk in the fridge" improves the saying. That's OK, because the saying was a little outdated. thanks

unknownmami said...

You know what they say, birds of a feather crap together. What, they don't say that? Well they should because it makes perfect sense.

lisleman said...

yes they should that's a good version

joanna jenkins said...

Hi Lisleman, As one of five children in a family with two cats and a dog, my Mom finally resorted to stringing all 8 names together every time she was calling one of us. It was just easier that one and eventually one of us would respond-- So I can relate totally to this post.

Cheers, jj

PS you are a very good dad to go shopping with your daughter!

lisleman said...

thanks for stopping by and sharing a comment I know you have a long list of blogs. Stringing 8 names would be a mouthful. Thanks for the PS note too.

CaliforniaGirl500 said...

my co-worker told me his mother used to get so mad and him and his brothers, she'd sputter and point and say "YOU! Brown shirt! Get in the house!" It was always identification by the color of his shirt.

lisleman said...

I'll assume his mother was not of the WWII age. I'm not myself but I remember "Brown Shirts" in the documentaries and I would not want to be around those nasty guys. WWII aside, that is funny and better than "Hey you".

secret agent woman said...

I call my kids by the wrong name all the time. But the mix-up with our President's name wouldn't occur if people called bin Laden by his last name, as they should.

lisleman said...

Yes I think the kid name thing is common and the comments here do support that. Thanks for sharing. Also, I agree that "bin Laden" does make more sense. We don't say just "Adolf" for "Hitler". I agree with your post the other day (which gave me the idea of adding the clip with the other story) about this except that we probably differ slightly in our right wing conspiracy suspicions. For example I think the Canadian in the above clip was just messing up.

Bearmancartoons said...

I miss some of the old beanisms (and the troll) sometimes.

Jillsy Girl said...

I do too, Bear. I should dust Tootsie off and let her say hi to the old gang.

CaliforniaGirl500 said...

No she is in her seventies now and I used the term "brown shirt" only to
illustrate she would call them by the color of the shirt they wore. He said
he heard "Plaid shirt!" alot too.

lisleman said...

depending on the season it could have been "no shirt". In certain areas today if you yelled "hey saggy pants" a whole group of teens might turn around and say "yo". thanks for coming back - I always enjoy the exchange.

CaliforniaGirl500 said...

You're quite funny. I enjoy your blog alot. I just haven't had much energy
of late so haven't been reading or writing. I love it. I do. But work is
work and by the time I'm home, my creativity is often out the window.

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