Tuesday, May 24, 2011

all i really want to do

Just trying to have a beer the other day.

This strange looking dude walks up next to me at the bar.

alterman “I ain’t lookin’ to compete with you”
lisleman “Yo talkin to me?”

alterman “Beat or cheat or mistreat you”
lisleman “What? Let’s step outside and settle this, now!”

alterman “Simplify you, classify you”
lisleman “Oh I’ll make it really simple. Just bend over and let me shove ....”

alterman “Deny, defy or crucify you”
lisleman “Yeah, you’re the one that will be soon begging for mercy.”

alterman “All I really want to do”
lisleman “Yeah I’m listening.”

alterman “Is, baby, be friends with you”
lisleman “Oh, well then, here’s my blog address please come by but don’t call me baby. It kinda creeps me out. Let me buy you a beer.”


OneStonedCrow said...

Haha - good one ... a fitting tribute to Bob on his 70th birthday ... :)

lisleman said...

Thanks you might not believe me but I did not know it was Robert Allen Zimmerman's (aka Bob Dylan) birthday until after I posted this.  Hey if he asks, tell him it was in his honor.  thanks

Jillsy Girl said...

I don't think I get this. 

lisleman said...

I thought it was funny but that's me.  The "alterman"  (name doesn't mean anything but might be short for alternative man) is saying the lyrics to Dylan's song "All I really want to do"  which was covered by the Byrds and others because Dylan writes great songs but doesn't have a great voice.  Anyway I'm just reacting line by line to the lyrics.  Now this reply is almost as long as the post so I guess it wasn't too funny.

Jene said...

Though you were going in the Sheryl Crow direction until I got to the album cover. Now I want beer, and it's only 9:00.

blueviolet said...

See I didn't know the lyrics, so I was thinking what the HECK?!!!

lisleman said...

well if I sold a beer I should get a tip.  thanks

lisleman said...

Very good point.  Since it is a song I knew I didn't even think of that problem.  If the song was new to me, I guess it would be confusing.

unknownmami said...

Great song. I think maybe your subconscious was aware of Bob's b-day.

lisleman said...

Oh thanks, all I need is Bob Dylan in my brain (my thoughts often do go Blowin in the Wind).  That does give me an idea for a song title - "I have Bob Dylan on my mind"  -  My problem is a song title is easy the rest not so much.

unknownmami said...

How about this...

Rolling down the street, smokin' indo, sippin' on gin and juice
Laid back [with my mind on Bob Dylan and Bob Dylan on my mind]

Okay, that might be the chorus from Gin & Juice by Snoop Dogg, but I think it works.

Visit me at: www.unknownmami.com.

lisleman said...

Ok I'm not well versed on Snoop Dogg but I found a clip of it and yes that fits right into the song but honestly Bob Dylan does seem to fit the Snoop Dogg image for me.  On a side note - do you ever worry about your girls learning what mom used to listen to?


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