Tuesday, April 05, 2011

failed to make favorite list

Last post, I joined in a favorite song game/challenge. I listed a few songs that popped up in my head and competed for the favorite title, then I picked one. You should play along and share your favorite too.

There is no doubt that music forms a very key part of human development. We communicate through music. We can stir emotions in others with it. This might be why I found some readers deciding that they could not pick one favorite song.

I must say there are some songs that sound good but for certain reasons could never be a favorite of mine. Some them would even be on my change-the-station list. Do you have a list like that? Dislike it so much that you need to change the station.

For example (please suggest ones on your list):
  • “Ben” - lovely musical quality but it’s about a rat. That is just too stupid.  (some of you were not born when this was a hit so I'll include a youtube clip below)
  • “Helter Skelter” - totally ruined by Charles Manson and his misappropriation of it.
  • “The Fool On The Hill” - too realistic for me
  • “I’m Too Sexy” - too unrealistic for me
  • “Wedding Bell Blues” - bad memories (don’t ask I don’t want to talk about it)

Hey players fire up those brain cells - more “A-Few-Clowns-Short” points are available for you to earn. (see this post if you really want to learn more about those points but honestly I would not bother clicking)

Try to answer me this:
1. Name the song writer (who died much too young) of that Fifth Dimension hit listed above.
2. If the song writer had a picnic with the Fifth Dimension what type of picnic would it be?


Bearmancartoons said...

People make fun of "I’m Too Sexy" but Right Said Fred actually had some good songs.


OneStonedCrow said...

Well, I can't answer your two questions but I know which song I absolutely hate:

Achey Breaky Heart - I don't know who the band/singer is but it drives me up the wall ...

lisleman said...

That one can be annoying but if you have enough beer in you and you are dancing it's not too bad. It was a hit for country singer Billy Ray Cyrus whose daughter is the now famous Miley Cyrus who some people find annoying. thanks

lisleman said...

thanks - that is a nice song and I don't think I had ever listened to any of their other songs. Since they go back about 20 years or so, I suspect they might not be performing anymore - do you know?

Sandra said...

I am old enough to remember all the songs...sigh...

oceangirl415 said...

Can you believe that the annoying Miley Cyrus is said to be worth 1 billion dollars! Not much makes sense anymore.

I don't know answer to the first question, but for the second question, the kind where you eat with the bees and the ants. .

lisleman said...

Sometimes the richest people are the most annoying. No on your answer. The answer has to do with a title of another song involving the same group of people. If you don't have the first answer it would be tough to get the second. thanks for sharing a comment.

Nota said...

No answer to your questions without the help of Prof. Google - which on some karmic level I think is cheating and my inner goody-good hasn't had a success beat down today.

For channel-changing music:
Anything by some new artist named Ke$ha. Her voice makes me feel all stabby. I like my ears and eyes enough that jamming something in them would upset me.

Also Carrie Underwood's "Before he cheats". Having been a victim of vandalism before, listening to anything focused on property damage makes me want to run and hide. Since I'm usually in my car when I'm listening to music - run & hide isn't an advisable driving strategy.

More controversially - anything by the Doors. Just don't get it. Musically it's a hot mess and half of the lyrics are mumbled gobbeldy gook.

lisleman said...

You mean you never thought about "break on through to the other side"? I enjoy their lyrics but we all have different tastes.
Regarding the questions - use Google, use your uncle, whatever, it is only a silly game and the points come easy. thanks

Jene said...

Wow, I don't know the answer to either of your questions this time. I do have a list like yours, perhaps that will end up being one of the song challenges.

Nota said...

that makes far more sense than "break on drew to the other sigh"

lisleman said...

Oh no - you have the misunderstood lyric problem too? If you have not seen this great internet resource you need to visit and do some research there.

debbie_suburbsanity said...

I am clueless about your questions. And I refuse to answer the question about annoying songs because then they will get stuck in my head:)

lisleman said...

I'm wondering if this crowd of followers lack a few years of popular music wisdom. I didn't think the questions were that hard. Do you remember the 5th Dimension? Hair? Age of Aquarius? A little searching around and you probably could find the answers. However you are right that while searching the music and songs, one might slip and get stuck in your head. thanks

Nezzy said...

Oh ya know how I love the oldies man. The writer of "Wedding Bell Blues" was Laura Nyro and If she would have a picnic it would certainly be a "Stoned Soul Picnic"!!!

There ya go and now I'm off singin', " Bill, I love you so, I always will....."

God bless and have a blast from the past today!!!

lisleman said...

thank you thank you - you show great musical wisdom and I grant you two a-few-clowns-short points with which you may add to other points. There is no point to the points but getting them sure is fun. Good job.

Nezzy said...

Woohoo!!! I have points...whatever shall I do with 'em!


Have a great day!

secret agent woman said...

I like all the songs on your "no" list. I LOVE Helter Skelter - a rare raw song from McCartney. Manson can't take that from me.

The songs that make me change the station: right now, anything by Katie Perry. Kesha has joined that list, except for Tic Toc. I'm also losing patience with Rhianna. Current music aside, I don't have much tolerance for 50's music.

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