Wednesday, March 09, 2011

if it makes you happy

Well I didn’t join facebook to be sad. I wanted to stay connected with my adult kids. Now, I’m able to share and see pictures of grandkids too.  It works.

Then one day I noticed fan pages. Regular readers might recall I’m a fan of Sheryl Crow.

I can’t speak for the many fan pages on FB, but compared to the few other ones I “liked”, Sheryl’s is the best.

She (probably her team I’m sure) is always updating the page with backstage pictures. Looking through her collection, you can imagine being on tour with her.  (all the photos are from FB)

You get down, real low down
You listen to Coltrane, derail your own train
Well who hasn't been there before?
I come round, around the hard way
Bring you comics in bed, scrape the mold off the bread
And serve you french toast again

Oh, BTW - I have my own small fan page started.


Bearman said...

IM just glad she put back on a couple pounds. She looks much healthier now

lisleman said...

She eats well now since she has a personal chef. I understand that Chuck White (last pic) is her chef. thanks

Jene said...

That does look like a lot of fun. I like Sheryl's music, even though that genre doesn't normally top my list. My favorite is probably "I Shall Believe" - gives me chills every time.

Nezzy said...

I'm just glad to see her eatin' again although she does look quite scary with that big old knife!

God bless and have an excellent day! :o)

lisleman said...

That one sure is for deep thought and emotion. My favorite is "Soak Up the Sun". I also like a number of her covers and duets.
"... That not everything is gonna be the way
You think it ought to be..." - that's for sure.

lisleman said...

Yeah she looks dangerous. thanks for sharing a visit and a comment.

Blunt Delivery said...

i thought, perhaps, this post was going to be an homage to 90's music. and it made me very happy.

but then it was just about sheryl crow. so i'm just 50% happy

lisleman said...

hey 50% ain't bad - if your glass is half empty then get a smaller glass.

secret agent woman said...

I joined FB to keep up with friends and family, too. But in addition to blacking all the games and quizzes, I have a rule against "liking" things (other than comments) and being a fan of anything. Keeps it simple for me.

W.C. Camp said...

Scrape the mold off bread??? 'Crows don't like that stuff - that is raccoon food. Now mold on cheese - that's a whole different story! W.C.C.

Thisstopwilloughby said...

Fan pages on FB are so much better than the fan pages on MySpace used to be. I haven't logged on to MySpace in a long time, but there used to be people pretending to be the celebrity named on the page.

lisleman said...

I never did much of anything on myspace. It quickly became a place that seemed to have poorly and overly decorated pages. If it moved, flashed, made some noise, or just had bold colors people would plaster it up on myspace. I sure hope FB never gets that way.

lisleman said...

Oh I hate the games and finally I believe all my friends know not to ask me to play. The fan stuff can get out hand too but as you see here, I enjoy some of the fan pages. thanks

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