Thursday, March 10, 2011

flipping fragments fly free

Mrs. 4444, the great teacher from Wisconsin has given me reason to use a favorite word of mine, “serendipity”. Finding her Friday Fragments was serendipity for me. Because of FF I have a regular post writing idea every week and I meet more bloggers.  You should join in.

Mommy's Idea

I had two shout-outs on other blogs this week (very cool - thanks).
  1. The Original Bean mentioned my International Women’s Day post that featured the 007 promotion clip made to increase awareness.
  2. Eternal Lizdom included my avatar in her funny (slightly odd IMHO) post about the Lizdom way of eating M&M’s.

I mentioned listening to old Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention stuff found on youtube in a recent post. That had me thinking of alternate names for a band today, like Mothers of Detention.

Out of nowhere, days after the post, the best name pops up in my head:
Mothers of Intervention

My Irish friend emailed the following picture to me. Don’t you love it when random stuff lines up. Once I intentionally took a picture of my wife with the Washington Monument sticking up from her head. She didn’t find it that hilarious.

He also sent an email about a somewhat strange characteristic of water. 

Hey want to learn an interesting physics fact? Oh c’mon it’s quick and could even prevent an accident.

Pure water in a very clean or no container will in the right conditions become either supercooled or superheated. The “super” part just means that the temperature is below freezing or above boiling. The water molecule needs some impurities to form the ice crystals or to form the vapor bubbles.

Accident prevention - it is possible to superheat water in a microwave and if that happens you don’t want to be near it because it will violently erupt and splash boiling water into the air. Don’t heat pure water into the microware. Add the tea bag first or just heat it on the stove.

Now the supercooled water is much safer to play around with but it is believed to be one of the causes of an Air France crash over the mid-Atlantic.

Oh, I was contacted by CSN. You know the blogland superstore. Do you think I should do a giveaway?

I need to create a superblog. As soon as a reader opens its page, it would instantly start writing a good comment about the post. For now, you will have to do that. Thanks.


Kristina P. said...

I wonder if CSN actually has to do any marketing, other than offering giveaways. They are geniuses!

Zemeks said...

I like the picture your Irish friend mailed to you. I've heated water in the microwave for hot chocolate with no such fiasco. Guess it didn't get above boiling but it got warm enough for my hot chocolate.

Nezzy said...

Surprisin' most people, I am a math/science freak and love the info!!! Yep, I am from the Ozarks and blonde...just sayin'.........

I had a super experience with CSN. Both on winnin' a giveaway with them and hostin' a giveaway myself. Not to say I went all 'super~blog' on ya'll or anything. I really didn't get any more comments than usual. I made is simple by just commenting to enter. This is just me but I have a problem requiring someone to become a follower who wouldn't otherwise to enter a giveaway. 'Nuff said.

God bless ya Man and have a blessed day! :o)

Jillsy Girl said...

I'm not exactly sure what I just watched (science was my worst subject) but it was very interesting. Was that a block of ice that he poured the water onto and then once it was returned to the bottle what actually happened to it (whatever IT is)?

Jene said...

Have you seen the Mythbusters test of the superheated water? It's crazy stuff. I never thought about supercooled water, though. Interesting.

BearmanCartoons said...

I tried to get my wife to take a picture of my laying on the grass with the washington monument protruding from my mid section. She wanted nothing to do with it.

Tettelestai said...

i like the physics facts, i had no idea that water was the cause of a plane crash, fascinating.

that picture cracked me up!

debbie_suburbsanity said...

That photo is too funny! I love goofs like that!

lisleman said...

I don't know about geniuses, maybe. They certainly have gotten their name out there. I wonder what percentage of their stuff has been given away.

lisleman said...

Nezzy, I'm surprised by how often people make assumptions based on stereotypes. Great to know you enjoy math and science. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the giveaway. If I do it I would keep it simple.
all the best

lisleman said...

From the description included on youtube I found out he prepared some supercooled water using bottled water. The interesting thing is can see the ice form right before you eyes almost instantly. The supercool water pours out turns to ice and the flow of water itself turns to ice. I have never tried this but it looks fun.

lisleman said...

I'm finding that we think alike.

lisleman said...

Here's the link to the NOVA show on it.

Mama Zen said...

Mothers of Invention rocks!

My Own Brand of Crazy said...

Love your friend's pic of the man getting his butt kicked!
Nice invention - the blog that automatically writes good comments.
You got a lot going on in that brain!

Thisstopwilloughby said...

Good stuff for FF this week! I love the pic from your Irish friend.

As for the CSN Giveaway, I just did one and it went well. I don't do them to attract followers, but as something fun for the wonderful people who do follow my blog. Nezzy has a point about not requiring people to be followers to enter a giveaway, but here's my take on it: I want to give the people who actually care about reading my blog a decent chance at winning. If I let anyone passing through enter, my followers have less of a chance of winning. To level the playing field (so to speak) I require people to follow if they want to enter. They can always un-follow afterward (and some do). It keeps the number of total entries down a little and makes the odds of winning a little better. Just my two cents!

secret agent woman said...

I was contacted by them too, but deleted it. I don't advertise for anyone on my blog. It's not a moral position - I just don't do it myself. I don't care that people do giveaways, though, and even won a book once.

lisleman said...

So far it's only an idea. I didn't create it yet. I do think humans will be the best for writing comments for awhile.

lisleman said...

I follow you on that (dumb pun?). You are right about people just trying to win and not even caring about what is on the blog. I'll be thinking about that problem. thanks

lisleman said...

You are not an agent but a secret agent. I understand and thanks sharing your thoughts on it. I'll assume the book was not from CSN.

Blueviolet said...

I think you should do the CSN thing! It's fun! That's pretty freaky about the superheated water. I had no idea!

Carolee said...

Hi I'm visiting from Friday Fragments.

Love the foot up the butt pic! you're looking for some GOOD Spam comments maybe?

I don't have that, but I do have a group called The Blogging Buddies...dedicated visitors and comments!

Have a fantastic day!

Come on home

unknownmami said...

Yes, do the giveaway. I love them and maybe I'll win.

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