Monday, January 03, 2011

eight is enough

I'm not talking about that old TV sitcom. No it's a less known feature I tried last year here on this blog.

Where's the Clown

"Where's the Clown" is what I named the idea.  I ran the game eight times and I kept track of the photos I challenged the readers with under the tab titled the same above.


All the challenges except for #6 had recent pictures.  The picture I used for #6 was a trip back in my past.  At least one reader liked my T-shirt.


I'm moving on from this game idea.  I've decided to replace the tab/page "Where's the Clown" with a page focused on my hobby of creating little moving toys.  I'm not sure if "toy" is the right word.  The small objects would not hold-up the rough handling of most kids.  Right now I plan on calling it "Playing Around".  It will very much like another blog I had started called "Broken Gadget".  I'm open for suggestions on the name if you have any suggestions.

I just added the tab/page on the top.  I would have done it when I posted this but I decided to go to bed and sleep on it.  Please comment here since the tab/page doesn't have a comment section.


Ocean Girl said...

Eight is not enough! - Ask my brother :)

I have so enjoyed the "clown" game and thinking of resuming it. But it is okay, when I do it I'll pay tribute :)

Playing Around sounds perfect. Curious and playful. You are great with "toys" and I look forward to see your collection.

lisleman said...

I'm very glad you saw this post because you played along with your own photo challenges a number of times. Your "Where's the Clown" posts really had more of a story with them than mine. Please continue with the idea and you could certainly call it whatever you like. I look forward to reading more of your posts. thanks

TechnoBabe said...

Grown up toys and mending broken toys is so much fun. If that is what you are referring to. I like that you are finding different things that interest you and share them here.

lisleman said...

thanks - it's fun to share which is what blogging is all about for me.
"Mending" - hmm well sometimes I'll be able to fix something but usually it's collecting parts from various things and assembling the "junk" into something that moves. Thanks for the comment because it helps me explain the idea.

secret agent woman said...

I guess I just now realized there are tabs. I have a tendency to go straight to posts from my reader. But one thing I love about blogs is that, among other things, they serve the purpose of memorializing that particular blogger's life and interests.

joaniemack said...

The gadgets you had scurrying around your kitchen table reminds me of the things Sid made from his sister's toys he destroyed. Of course, you aren't evil like Sid. Are you???

lisleman said...

I'm not a toy-torturing Sid. I recycle toy parts but don't destroy things just to destroy them. I'm curious to why people find the clown face freaky. I think it's because of movies in recent years. thanks

lisleman said...

yes but other than minor entertainment I'm not sure how useful.

Jillsy Girl said...

I LOVE this series! I giggle so!! My name suggestion would be "Creepy Crawlers"!

Barbara said...

Very creative! My sons loved putting different pieces together like this. I'll have to show this to them. Thanks for sharing!

lisleman said...

series - you mean "Eight is Enough"?
That's a good name but I don't think all of them are creepy. For example (I don't have all of them up on the page yet) here's a not creepy one IMHO

lisleman said...

thanks for spreading the word or video

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