Tuesday, January 04, 2011

can’t play standing still

unless you are playing statue.

People typically move a little even while playing mind games. Did you ever do that staring at each other game where the first one to laugh loses? People that can wiggle their ears always win.

Games - I love them (except for the type of mind games that can ruin a relationship but that’s a misuse of the word).

Jillsy Girl loves games too. I know because she is always creating new ones. Check out her blog, you’ll see.

She has this Wednesday Word game (good thing we have a day starting with W). This week the word is 


Balance does not mean being still. Ride a bike? You will need balance.

I’m compelled to join in on this word because I think it’s the secret of the universe. Yeah right, you say. Did you ever think about the secret of the universe? Ever hear of yin and yang? Those two cousins renting an apartment in Chinatown.

Excuse me while I fluff-up my Einstein hair.

Matter - Antimatter - This guy, Paul Dirac, was working on this quantum mechanic equation problem (not your car mechanic problem by any means) and predicted antielectrons. A few years later (1932) they found some and called them positrons. I posted this about antimatter before if you interested.

So there is this natural balance in nature. For me it applies to everything about your life. Live a balanced life. Too much of anything in excess is bad. Figuring out the balance is the biggest problem. It’s not like balancing your checking account. It’s more than simple math.
  • Balanced tires
  • Trade balance
  • Balanced diet
  • Balanced portfolio
  • New Balance shoes (hey I’m counting this because I wear them)
  • Chemical Balance
  • Balance control on your stereo
  • Balancing the scales of truth
  • Balance beam
  • Color balance
Blogging offers a chance to practice balance. Anyone who has blogged for awhile knows it can start to overwhelm your time. You need to balance it with real life.

Having a bad day?  Balance it with a happy memory and a smile.

Are you still in the game? Are you ready to play? Keep moving, you can't play standing still.

Click over to Jillsy Girl for more on "Balanced"


Ocean Girl said...

I like games because they stimulate the mind and kinda give you the project and dateline to sharpen the discipline.

Talking about balance, my son just told me this morning that human needs a point of reference in order to walk straight. If blindfolded, we will walk in circles!

lisleman said...

Sounds correct to me. I've heard we tend to walk in circles when lost in the wilderness. Do you have a favorite puzzle type game? I like sudoku and years ago I would play with Rubik's cube for hours. Some blogging posts can be a game. thanks

joaniemack said...

Glad to see you've joined Jill's game! Mine will be posted in about 30 minutes (it's 11:35 pm on tuesday)

OneStonedCrow said...

I can't agree with you more - it's all A Question Of Balance - remember the Moody Blues album?

Amy said...

Lots of great examples of balance, I agree, it is the secret of the universe!

TechnoBabe said...

Balanced biochemicals (hubby has bipolar disorder so that is an important one in our life). Balanced personality. Balanced information. Balanced budget. Balanced checkbook. Balanced view.

Jillsy Girl said...

great post Lisle! life is full of balances for shure. a few of those balances came to mind when i was trying to think of something to shoot, but i didn't think of New Balance which is also my sneaker of choice. Thanks for joining in this week! Hope to see you again!

marthaPA said...

Great post! Balance is the key to life.

Sally G. said...

Good morning lisleman! I like your approach to the word Balance - I often think of the secret of the Universe and DID NOT KNOW that Yin and Yang were two cousins renting an apartment in Chinatown!

When I visit a site that's new to me and the personality behind the published words intrigues me, I always look for the 'About Me' page. Let the record show that I made it ALL THE WAY to the end ~ and left wishing that there was something I could teach you ... because I love being in the presence of people who love to learn.

I think Humour (I'm British born and now live in Canada - we put the letter U in many words that you Americans do not ... but you probably knew that already, the spelling part - you'd freak me out if you knew my personal living situation) and Intelligence are a brilliant balance. You seem to have both in spades. (In Spades - a slang definition meaning you have more of something than other people. You probably knew that already too.)

Thanks for hosting my visit here this morning - I've enjoyed it!

Barbara said...

You are so right about balancing and movement. And especially right about the need to balance blogging and real life! Great post!

lisleman said...

Besides blogging we have our choice of sneakers to recommend. Thanks for hosting this. It helps to get a prompt at times.

lisleman said...

good additions

lisleman said...

Thanks for reading all the way. It's good to know I didn't post that page for naught. Thanks for the compliment on my cards. Have you ever played Spades? I have but found Hearts more fun.
I think your comment is spot on BTW.

Sally G. said...

I think I have played Spades ~ with friends at a cottage. I have not yet played Hearts - but imagine I'd love that too. I quite enjoy card games.

Lately, I've been playing a card game called Quiddler with my younger daughter- it's a game played with cards featuring individual letters and letter blends ~ and you form words, earn points, progressively use more cards with each round and try to do both more strategically than the other players. The highest score wins.

She's taken to playing with a Dictionary because she challenges many of my words as they're new to her. She's better strategically though - and often comes out with the highest score. Which is fine - because my head-fake is not to be a better Quiddler player than she is, but to improve her vocabulary.

So far, it's a win/win situation ...

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