Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Obscene Duck Calls

Like odd stuff?

I consider myself an odd liker (maybe that should be liker of odd).

I can’t really pin it down but maybe it started with “The Far Side” cartoons back in the 80’s.  In the first “The Far Side” book I got I still remember the funny introduction page.

Gary Larson blames his brother for creating the odd sense of humor in him.  Growing up he had the “standard monster-infested basement” and his brother would turn off the lights and close the door on him while reminding him that “it’s coming”.

Our basement was fine.  It was the attic that my dad told me was a dangerous scary place.  I guess he meant that I might slip and fall through a part of the ceiling.  I thought he meant there were monsters or zombies living in there.

Did you ever see “Bent Objects”?

I found it some years ago and Terry Border has been creating ever funnier art objects every year.  I joined his FB fan page so I get regular updates on his latest stuff.

I suspect the internet is both a blessing and a curse for “Bent Objects”.  It easily gets him noticed but people also take his pictures and forward them around sometimes without even giving him the credit.

Here’s a youtube clip he put up to promote his book.

Oh those obscene duck calls you ask (cmon, just pretend you asked ok) -
I was just flipping through that old “The Far Side” book and got a good laugh with a cartoon of a hunter calling some duck on the phone - titled “Obscene Duck Call”.
Think about it - if some guy lured people over to his place and then shot them that would be more than obscene.  

Don’t worry I don’t even own a gun.


joaniemack said...

funny stuff! I like it!

OneStonedCrow said...

yes, attics can be dangerous - I've never had an attic but one day my daughter (she was about seven or eight at the time) crawled into the roof looking for her missing kitten - I didn't know what she was up to and was relaxing in the sitting room when all of a sudden she came crashing through the ceiling ... thankfully she wasn't injured ...

lisleman said...

thanks always nice to give away smiles

lisleman said...

that's an interesting story - I guess if she had the cat you could say, "look what the daughter brought in". thanks

Mrs4444 said...

You really are delightful, Lisleman; I just love your sense of humor.

I, too, have always loved The Far Side. Bent Objects is really cool, too.

I believe an appropriate term would be oddiophile--You're an oddiophile.haha

lisleman said...

thanks that's a good word

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