Thursday, December 30, 2010

Friday Fragments eve

You know it’s a significant day if that day has an “eve” day associated with it. Why don’t we have Labor Day eve? For the followers of Mrs. 4444 the Friday Fragment day is a special day and it occurs most every Friday.

On with the fragments -

Nice surprise call from a friend today, he had the day off and we met for coffee. Back when he wasn’t working full time (are we not working at something all the time even if we don’t get paid?) we would met a few times a month. Our favorite Starbucks was also frequented by a couple of unusual guys. I’m reluctant to say homeless because I don’t know for sure. One of these guys was in the news because he became a nuisance to the local city and there were some court hearings.

This shabby looking guy (he could be confused for me on some days) would sit in Starbucks on a laptop and tend to himself. Had he not brought a pile of “camping gear” with him, you might not even notice him. My friend and I referred to these guys as “the campers”.

Today “the camper” was camped on the side of the road in front of the Starbucks. There was lots of stuff around him and I wondered if he still had the generator he had when he camped out in the downtown area. Is a person homeless if they drag a generator and small tent with them? He even ran for mayor of the town once.

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I survived another holiday season. I say “survived” because honestly all the hoopla around the holidays bothers me some. I enjoy Christmas but I think there is a pressure placed on us to go overboard with it. It’s not a holiday I look forward to very much.

One thing I believe about Christmas - it’s really all about children.

This past Christmas eve I accepted a new assignment. Yes Virginia there is, I was Santa Claus.

Our neighbor requested (through my wife who doubted that I would accept) that I play Santa for her cousin’s kids. They had the suit and labeled all the presents for me to pass out. All I had to do was put on the suit and be jolly. Afterward I was told that I was a success at Santa.

There was a little confusion about the time I was to arrive at the house (on the same street as us) and the outfit took a little time to put on. Planning ahead a little too much, I put the whole thing including hat, wig and beard on too soon. I started to get hot in the suit. My wife and daughter gave me the idea that I should take a walk around the block. So I did. I met two adults while I was strolling as Santa. I learned something - if you meet a person while dressed as Santa, just say Ho Ho Ho and they will reply.

The kids who did not know me enjoyed my visit (I was passing out presents so what’s not to enjoy) but one little girl (5 or 6) was especially fascinated by my visit. She was a true believer. She sat up front, asked questions and as I was leaving made sure I had her address so I would not miss her house - cute.

from Chicago Tribune site

Hey any of you read “Brenda Starr” comics? Well then you probably know it’s coming to an end for the redhead. I don’t read it but I read the often serious column that the author Mary Schmich writes for the Chicago Tribune. Here’s more about it if you are interested - link.

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Kristin_The_Goat said...

I have never heard of Brenda Starr before now and after reading the article I'm bummed I didn't know about her. Figures I'm only 50 years behind in the story line LOL

I would have been thrilled to pieces to see Santa walking down my street :)

Kristina P. said...

I'm sure you were a very jolly and convincing Santa.

DysfunctionalMom said...

I am totally fascinated by the Starbucks campers. I wish I knew their story.
I love that you played Santa! Awesome!

lisleman said...

thanks, we were hoping some kids in the neighborhood would see Santa walking along carrying a sack but the neighbors we called were all out.
I'm sure you could quickly catch up on Brenda since it's only a comic and not like "War and Peace" or some heavy novel.

Mrs4444 said...

Hm. Finally able to comment--It wouldn't let me a while ago.

You made a wonderful Santa! Little kids are so cute.

The holiday bustle doesn't bother me enough; I waited til the last minute for everything this year. Since I didn't enjoy that, I've already got a start on next year, having purchased TWO gifts already. (Yes, one of them was just a pack of socks for Kyle, but that counts, too, right?!)

Happy Friday! (Loved your title, BTW)

OneStonedCrow said...

I agree with you - Christmas is not my favorite time of the year but, as you said, it's all about the kids - kudos to you for stepping up to the plate in a Santa suit ... I could not be so brave ...

Best wishes for 2011

Tettelestai said...

we lived in chicago and so we did read brenda starr a few times with our paper. it is always sad to see something go, even if you are not a fan. it feels like the ending of an era.

hubby played santa one year for the company party. he was adorable, but got pretty irritated when some of the wives wanted to sit in his lap.

yes, commercialism makes most folks go overboard on christmas. but we don't focus on that and we make sure our family knows why we celebrate it. the kids got to pick out and buy gifts for each other out of their savings. they loved hunting for the best deal on something their sib would love. it was precious.

i have to tell you, your title had me laugh. my cousin and i once exchanged letters in this fashion. my aunt said it creeped her out seeing us creating these ransom type notes for each other. but i like it!!

TechnoBabe said...

That is above and beyond for a neighbor to play Santa for the neighbor's family. You better have gotten an awesome Christmas present from that neighbor. Wow.
I know what you mean about the season being so much. So much of noise, pressure, money, etc, if you let it. We hold things back and keep things in perspective for our little hippie life and that way we breathe regularly, don't owe money, and enjoy the holidays. Our life is so darn peaceful that yesterday we realized how much we do appreciate it. While waiting in a very nice reception area at a doctor's office, we looked at each other and laughed. There were people going in and out and there were two receptionists and a television blabbing the entire time, with country CDs competing with the TV. We couldn't wait to get out of there. Hope you and your family have a wonderful New Years eve together, lisleman, and we wish you a wonderful year in 2011.

Barbara said...

I would love to play Santa sometime! Thanks for the inspiration! I think I could pull it off if they're young enough and true believers. Happy New Year!

Terry Stonecrop said...

I agree that Christmas is for kids but you made a cute Santa;)

Love your campers. People like that are so much more interesting than the average. They may not feel quite that way but to a writer they are golden.

Thanks for stopping by my "late great" blog." :) Yours looks great!

lisleman said...

thanks for checking out my blog. Interesting vs. average now that's a subjective thing. I don't know if average can apply to people.

lisleman said...

I might get a dinner. It was fun and didn't take too much time. I enjoy reading about your views on the craziness of life. I know people go to quiet places to relax but often you don't need to physically travel that far to bring some peace to your mind. Here's to the simpler life!

lisleman said...

wives sitting on his lap - he got irritated or you got irritated? I like your focus on Christmas. thanks for sharing a comment

lisleman said...

I don't know how the mall Santas do it. It was ok for a short time and just a few kids.

lisleman said...

yeah the socks count - except you'll either give in and give them sooner or forget you bought them until 2012 spring cleaning

unknownmami said...

Happy New Year!

Ocean Girl said...

Sad to hear about Brenda Starr. I don't read it now, not even sure if it is on our newspapers but did follow it when I was younger, little, like when I was in my early teens.

I think you made a perfect Santa. Happy New Year my friend.

secret agent woman said...

Ironically, New Year's Eve seems to be way more significant than the day it's the evening of. Halloween as well. Only Christmas Eve is truly a build-up to a knock-out special day for most people. And it's a day I generally love, hoopla or not.

lisleman said...

It's good to see you included Halloween since many probably don't even realize it the eve of anything. thanks for sharing

Doreen McGettigan said...

Tough time leaving a comment...
Great Santa:) I had to constantly remind myself it is about the kids this year and was so surprised that most of the kids (in our family) were discussing the reason for Christmas. I was touched :)

lisleman said...

I am glad you persisted and shared your comment. I hope the DISQUS comment system is working OK. Someone had trouble the other day. Nice story about the kids. thanks

QandleQueen said...

Stopping by to wish you a happy new year!

Joanna Jenkins said...

You are a great looking Santa so I'm guessing you'll have a repeat performance next year????

I cracked up at the "camper" running for mayor. What next?!

Hope your 2011 is fantastic Liselman. I've enjoyed visiting your blog and getting to know you. YOu know I'll be back for more in 2011.

Cheers, jj

Zemeks said...

That was nice of you to play Santa. I'm the those adults you passed walking in the neighborhood enjoyed you too!

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