Friday, October 08, 2010

friday’s fried flatten fragments

Ok I didn’t really fry them. Have you seen the weird stuff that gets fried and sold at fairs? I guess you can fry most anything.

Mrs. 4444 is back with her Friday Fragments thing. You should just visit her blog and find out all about it. You’ll find a button to click on, at the bottom.

If asked, Mrs. 4444, might tell you the number comes from the number of spiders living around her place. (Mrs. 4444, if you are visiting here you might enjoy researching some spider myths at Rod Crawford’s site.  While browsing around there I discovered spider ballooning - interesting.)

I'm betting on these fragments today -

beer and thinking
That’s an odd juxtaposition.
I think that juxtaposition makes this ad so great (well a young Jennifer Aniston helps too). This beer ad (my top favorite all time best) is funny because you think you know what the characters are thinking. Also Jennifer Aniston looks cute being so helpless.


Recently Secret Agent Woman had a birthday and posted about it.  It got me wondering (outside the cake thinking?) about our tradition of candles.  
blowing out candles - wouldn't the celebration make more sense lighting them up - for adults anyway?  Make a wish and light up the room.

Cheeseboy's (Blog O Cheese) post about chimney sweeps gave me another reason I am happy to have a fireplaceless life.  The benefits vs. drawbacks of having a fireplace total up negative for me.  If I want to enjoy a fireplace I can visit a lodge or maybe Cheeseboy's house (as long as there's no cheese logs on the fire).

JJ (Fifty Factor) wrote about separating egg yolk from the white.  I have actually successfully done this.  It's kinda like playing with a slinky - back and forth between the shell halves.  I don't think I've ever mentioned this success in eggs to my wife - she would push the envelope on it and have me baking something.  If I could just quit after the egg yolk separating task it would be fine.  For me it's a talent that can remind hidden.

I hope these tasty fragments lit up an idea for you to fry.  Check out more -
Mommy's Idea

another circus         solar info link


Dwmatty said...

Juxtaposition, now there's a word I haven't used, or typed, in a long time. Maybe I should date this one because I can't imagine using it for another long time.

And I read some of those other posts too. You won't find me anytime soon separating egg whites. I can barely make a bowl of cereal let alone something complicated like that. If you don't believe me, ask Mrs 4444.

Jenny said...

My Hubby and I love to youtube the beer commercials, haven't seen that one before... Funny!

We live in a large apartment with a fire place, we've never used it! Go figure :)

Have a good one!


Jenny said...

Here is a quote for you now: Some say "My glass is have full", Some say "My glass is have empty", I say "Who drank my beer!"

lisleman said...

I'm going to remember that one. thanks

unknownmami said...

I enjoyed the ad. Cute and funny.

Kristina P. said...

There is apparently some item that is supposed to separate the yolks and the whites for you. Maybe it will be my next As Seen on TV item!

W.C.Camp said...

Yeah I have an all gas 'automatic' fireplace that I just push a button and it starts up and shuts off when I am sick of it. No muss no fuss! As for Egg whites, I just buy them in the carton or better yet POWDERED. Life is full of wonderful workarounds!! W.C.C.

lisleman said...

So powdered the way to go then? Workarounds are often engineering wonders. thanks

Mrs4444 said...

Now you've gone and made me hungry for fried eggs! I'll have to put those on Mr.4444's Honey-Do list for tomorrow morning :)

Loved the Heineken commercial. She is a cutie.

Loved the spider reference. Off to find out what "spider ballooning is all about!

secret agent woman said...

That's funny, I just used the word juxtaposition in response to a comment today.

I never understood why anyone has trouble separating egg white from yolks using the shell. It's one of the easier cooking tasks. But I think lighting candles on a cake and letting them just burn would be a little anticlimactic and also get wax all over the frosting.

The Original Bean said...

I find separating eggs oddly satisfying. I'm not exactly sure why, it just feels pleasant.

We have one of those newfangled gas fireplaces in our house. Husband complains regularly that our next house will have a "real" fireplace, because that's what he grew up with. I have no desire to have a pile of firewood, ashes, smoke, and a chimney to clean (let alone the stories I've heard of animals and birds coming down the chimney and into the house!). I'm a city girl through and through.

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