Friday, September 24, 2010

my FF post with a bit of news

Mrs. 4444 (recently a superstitious online gambler has made the news by turning down a £4444 progressive jackpot because of the numbers) who now has a car with spiders and if you didn't know that you probably have not been to her site. Her Friday assignments are called Friday Fragments (FF). This is mine. You should visit her blog.

Random thoughts:
Hey what do you think? I got my backyard all set-up for the party.


Now that Kodachrome is no longer made, do you think Paul Simon should update his song.  Mama don’t take my SD card away?

supercalifragilisticexpialidocious  -  I wonder how many times that word and been tweeted?

Have we all become spies?   How many identities do you have online?

Ok if you need to kill me after you answer don’t tell me, I’m not that curious.

I’ll share an old id I used back in the BG (Before Google) days.  My home email was mac4money.  I’m not going to explain it but money can provide things.  Did you notice the backyard picture above?  I offered that old id up because I have not used it for years.

Even in the BG era, I had a home and work email.  Hey I’ve been around long enough to have had Unix account names that were allowed to be completely made up.  I wish I could remember one of them, but I know it was NOT studmuffin.  Maybe it was sparky.

Recently, I get this email about a change on my paypal account.  I have a paypal account but two things were suspicious about that email.  One, google’s mail system put it in the spam folder.  Two, paypal does NOT have the email address this message was sent to.  I have multiple email addresses.  So there’s another good reason to have multiple ids.

Random news bits -
Back in the 2008 housing bubble crash, we found out that some bankers were robbing a few people with their crazy mortgages.  Here’s a story of a California bank robber being convinced to fills out loan forms after he threatened to blow up the bank.  

Sir could we interest you in a loan?  Police arrived while he was filling out the paperwork.  Don’t you hate paperwork?  I do.


This recession (oh that’s right it was declared over, well call it economy challenged time) is hitting everyone around the world.  Over in the UK, the little Brits (kids) are suffering too.
A recent study by Halifax has revealed that the average amount of pocket money given to UK children has fallen to its lowest figure in seven years.

Recently there has been reports of strange spiders taking rides in Wisconsin cars.

I was just checking the comments over at ICB.  Last count there are 125 comments on my one post.  Give the eye a click and see.

I can’t blog


W.C. Camp said...

I kind of like that toilet picture. If you could add a bunch of people with their clenched fist to their chin - then you would REALLY have created a THINKER sculpture! W.C.C.

A Daft Scots Lass said...

You can roast marshmallows while taking a shite. Naaaaaisss

Aledys Ver said...

I always feel a bit like Jason Bourne in the Bourne saga - multiple IDs, multiple email accounts, so many passwords to remember.... On top of that, I have dual nationality and every time I take out both my passports AND identity cards I feel soooo cool!! :D
That toilet party is hilarious! It reminds me of the world famous (in Holland) Dutch bday circle party.... haha I you don't know what a Dutch bday circle party is, check out this link:

The Original Bean said...

That backyard looks strangely like one I drove past when I was down in Kentucky on Tuesday.

Back in the day when Prodigy was the ISP, you know, before AOL came along and took over everything, my login was J8899. Why did 9-year-old me pick that for my login? Because it sounded like a robot name. What was a 9-year-old doing on Prodigy back then, anyway? Starting a UFO club, which would eventually lead to all kinds of random contacts and emails from adults claiming that they had been abducted. A good, early lesson on the random and weird people who float around the internet.

Bearmancartoons said...

But I would stear clear of smores.

brainella said...

If you knew the number of gmail accounts I have, you would think I'm crazy. I probably am crazy gmail accounts notwithstanding.

My very first online account (1991) was jbritto13. Yes, it was a vax account.

Lori said...

Oh my word...that toilet picture is too funny!

lisleman said...

thanks for that story. I'm glad none of those aliens abducted you.

lisleman said...

Has anyone claimed to discover anything worthwhile while throne thinking?

lisleman said...

You and Bearman should go on the comedy circuit.

lisleman said...

wow a vax user. You are part of an elite group that even know what a vax was. How about the PDP11? I'm not sure what the system we ran unix on. I know eventually it was suns.
Thanks for trip down memory lane. Makes me want to do the grep awk ls ds again.

Joanna Jenkins said...

The toilets are a hoot.... although I wont want that view from my backyard.
125 comments is really big! i'll go leave another on.
happy weekend. jj

secret agent woman said...

I basically have two internet id's - my secret agent blog one and my "real" one on FB. I don't mix the two. And I have five email accounts - one largely defunct, one for business, one for on-line ordering and such, one for when I was on a dating site, and my personal one.

lisleman said...

SA you could give a "how to" seminar covering online social sites and the best way to use them.
I should have thought the FB and blogger connections before I started some blog promotion on FB.

lisleman said...

thanks for sharing that bit of info with everyone. We should all join in a circle now and have some tea.
I will take an Irish pub with singing over the Dutch circle party.

unknownmami said...

I hope you are stocking up on toilet paper too. There is nothing worse than going to the bathroom at a party and not finding any toilet paper.

From Tracie said...

I heard about that spider incident.

I used to have a juno account. Scary. I also remember connecting to message boards before there really was an internet. More scary.

That toilet picture is just plain hilarious!

lisleman said...

Wow thanks I would have forgotten that. I guess it would be more discreet to put the toilet paper in a gift bag instead of just handing everyone a roll. Since it's outside I'm thinking no air fresheners - right?
God I hope those European neighbors don't show up. They will expect a bidet and we ain't doing that.

TechnoBabe said...

I have been reading about the spiders on cars. Yikes. I have seen jumping spiders lately, when I grab the stick and walk to the spiders, they jump down. And run away (at the same time I am running the other way).

Theatreterp said...

Hee hee! Love your fragments today! Particularly the toilet picture and your question about Kodachrome. That's just the kind of stuff that keeps us all up at night.

And I agree about Paypal. I get those messages all the time to an email account that they don't have. What a waste of time to have to deal with all that spam, though.

Anyway, happy weekend!

gallowaygrave said...

yes, my internal haemorrhoids...

gallowaygrave said...

three on line ID's, 2 you know, one your never will... dead or alive!

lisleman said...

so secret you don't remember it.

Kristin_The_Goat said...

My other identity is Kirby. She's been around since the moment I put my foot in the internet. I didn't realize when I came up with the name Kirby that there aren't many, if any, women named Kirby. Ah well lol

I think it's hysterical that they robber sat and filled out paperwork. Sheesh.

lisleman said...

the many dumb criminals out there tells me that dumb people turn to crime more than intelligent people.

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