Monday, August 09, 2010

it’s on the way to nowhere

That would be good way to describe my brother’s place in Missouri. He is almost in Arkansas and if he goes anywhere in his boat he travels into Arkansas.

First I had to get to nowhere from the rural mountain area of North Carolina. So class, name a long narrow state that advertises a “Jerky Outlet” store with easy access to the interstate. (I didn’t have time to stop).

Here’s a useful geographical piece of info - Only three car bridges cross the Mississippi into Tennessee. Two of them are in Memphis. This limits your trip planning. I took the third one. It goes into that little hanging piece of Missouri. (BTW - if you have never crossed the Mississippi you’ll be surprised on the size of that river)

On my way to nowhere, I went through the nice sized town of Kennett MO. It’s about 100 miles from Memphis but I traveled in from the east not from the Memphis direction. Lots of cotton fields along the road. Someone famous comes from there. She recently released a CD titled “100 Miles from Memphis”.

My nowhere visit was in the Ozarks which spans southern Missouri and northern Arkansas. I know I’m getting close when the roadkills are mostly armadillos.

Another feature of the area is the hilly twisting roads. Motorcyclists love the place and I enjoy the roads if I’m not tired and it’s daylight. Here’s one of the hills. You really need to fly down it to enjoy it. I got to this hill by taking a shortcut down “Lightning Springs” road. Not hard to pretend being in the “Dukes of Hazzard” here.

Many residents of Ozark county are proud to tell you that there’s not one McDonalds in the whole county. You can buy a cup of coffee at the local store/post office/gas station/gossip center in Protem for 25 cents. My brother told me times are getting tough because it used to be free refills but now those are 25 cents too.

There are some strangely named towns in that area:
  • Kissee Mills
  • Yellville
  • Flippin
The lake (Bull Shoals) is a major part of life down there. Forgot your boat? No problem you can ride across the lake for free on this ferry (take route 125 out of Protem).

Float your boat or your house.

Plenty of water in their basement.

My next post will be sharing the local police report from the paper.  It's a fun read.

Going nowhere? Been nowhere?
Guess what, being in the middle of nowhere is very enjoyable.


Dwmatty said...

When I retire, I want to be in the middle of nowhere. Hey, wait a minute, I've been going nowhere all my life. I guess I'm already there. Then why do I keep going to work every day?

lisleman said...

thanks the nowhere visit. Don't be hard on yourself, I'm sure you have lots to take pride in. But I must say there comes a time when chasing your dream just makes you tired and sleepy. That's the time to take a rest and enjoy it.

Bearmancartoons said...

I think I would rather be on a road to nowhere than a road to hell.

Cheeseboy said...

I wonder if that house has much flooding? Insane.

What an adventure. So, I take it you didn't see Sheryl Crow though?

David Archuletta is from our town, but I try not to share that too often.

TechnoBabe said...

My younger daughter and I lived in KS about a half from Joplin Missouri for a couple years. It sure is pretty around there is autumn.

secretagentwoman said...

I've always liked the middle of nowhere.

W.C. Camp said...

I think I have been to YELLVILLE several times a week?!! Nice photos
of your jouney. The ol' Mississippi is an amazing river. I once thought about buying a boat and floating it all the way from St. Louis down. Maybe I will still do it someday? Can't wait to read more! W.C.C.

lisleman said...

Oh yeah we had a few beers together.
You are right. I would have been busy posting about even just seeing her there.

lisleman said...

I guess that is where you moved your blog then? I sent you an email but have not heard back.

lisleman said...

Hey Tom Sawyer,
I think some people from Flippin moved and started Yellville.

OneStonedCrow said...

I'd love to go to nowhere - I think I'd fit right in in Ozark (what a cool name) County ... that pic of the hilly twisting road really grabbed me.

Looking forward to more of your road-trip images.

gaelikaa said...

Wow, that was quite a journey. I'm feeling rather confused right now.....catch u later!

Gilz said...

You'd think they'd be worried about rising damp, right?

lisleman said...

I had to reread your comment - you mean those floating houses - right?
Yes I agree that would be a problem. Some days there is a misty fog hanging on the lake. I guess they have air conditioning. I've never been in one of these houses. People do live on boats so I guess this would be similar.

lisleman said...

Interesting that you find Ozark a cool name. Having heard it as a child I never think of it being unusual. Speaking of place names, I think Timbuktu and Katmandu are cool sounding places.

Nezzy said...

Oh honey, you were right in the backyard of the Ponderosa! Now, there's a place smack in the middle of nowhere. Don't the papers and what qualifies for 'news' just crack ya up 'round these parts!

I had an Uncle who wrote for the Albuquerque newspaper who always loved to read our local paper....."better than the comics", he'd say.

Just back from Branson. What I didn't realize when I scheduled this "relaxin'" getaway was that it was also tax free weekend. Oh baby, 'couldn't stir 'em with a stick. We just had to tunnel through to McFarlins for some 'traffic-jam' pie. We had the king jacuzzi room at the Four Seasons so luckily we could just close the door! :o)

You have yourself a fantastically blessed day, man!

Mrs4444 said...

I love the water-in-the-basement comment :) What a shame, that you missed Nezzy!!

KyAnn said...

Found you on Saturday Sampling. I'm your newest follower on your super awesome blog! I am selling everything I own and moving to Flippin.


lisleman said...

Welcome, Cayenne Pepper only hotter,
I just took a brief look at your blog. I'm going back to read a post or two.
Flippin - well if your profile stuff is close to being right - Flippin is probably not big enough to keep you. You would be over at Yellville real soon.

Mama Badger said...

Nowhere looks like a nice place to visit.

Sagecoveredhills said...

I agree that being in the middle of nowhere is fun... there is a little two car ferry like that across the Cape Fear in NC and I blogged about it last year--for my Travel Tip Thursday post this week, I was really in no where--Goldfield Nevada.

Pseudo said...

This was really fun. A part of the country I have never seen, but I think I have heard of the Lake before.

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