Monday, July 12, 2010

many just don't get it

Because I'm easy come, easy go, Little high, little low,
Any way the wind blows doesn't really matter to me, to me.

Blogs - some people don't understand why we do it.  I know there are many answers/reasons for blogs but most bloggers have the common goals of expression and sharing.

It really makes my day if I realize that I connected with someone and especially if that connection was a laugh or smile.

This is what makes the comments so important.

Unknown Mami features a weekly post on browsing the blogs and her comments.  You get to learn of new blogs and more about Umami's (that's what I call her) ideas and favorites.

Unknown Mami

A week or so ago she posted her request for an excuse from this regular feature.  I offered this comment:
Dear Umami,

It's been called to our attention that you deserve a break today, but since McDonalds ending that campaign years ago - sorry you are (as they say) a day late and a dollar short.

Please do not despair because you have built a large support network willing to pass along well wishes.

So hoping that only rainbows fill your view (oh that pot of gold was taken long ago) and music fill your ears.

the management.

Go ahead, make my day.

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Charlie Callahan said...

Way to go, L-man: I'm glad we both chose the same week to try out our comment wings, so to speak. Mine, however, have been far and few between lately.

Thanks for all the comments you've left at my place: I not only appreciate them, but some are actually funny!

I also enjoyed your self-dialogue in Mami's comments this morning. When no one will talk to you, always talk to yourself, I often tell me.

lisleman said...

Charlie you are among the great bloggers that leave quality comments. I don't know what's up with umami but I'm sure she will stop by soon to say hi or something.
Do you think we change when we blog? As I am sure you noticed there are more women bloggers than men. I don't think women changed much when they blog. They still have those emotional things going on that men typically don't understand until they are too old to really care.

Well lets see if any of the women bloggers read the comments.

Charlie Callahan said...

I've been blogging since 2005 (Prof. Worm is my 3rd incarnation) and I don't know if its changed me—other than meeting a lot of nice folks from all over the world. Mainly, it gives me a chance to "talk" and put ideas and thoughts "out there," some of which fly and others take the big dive.

Comments are important if they have something to add to the post; I don't comment if I have nothing to say or 40 people have said it already.

I think Mami, bless her heart, is bummed out right now and not really into blogging. And as far as mentioning female bloggers, I'm much too young to commit hara-kiri.

lisleman said...

wow I sure hope there nothing sharp near me.
Well I sure hope she is doing fine. But she did recently mention a job problem. I've had that problem myself in the past. It's hard to tell with just a few pieces of the picture but I think she is a very strong woman and will overcome any tough times.

Cheeseboy said...

Mami's comments are the best in the business, but yours are great too.

dwmatty said...

Your post was a perfect response for her.

I know that most people who don't blog, don't understand it and even make fun of it. I get strange looks from people when they hear that I "blog". I enjoy the connection with other people who "get it".

oceangirl415 said...

Should I join in in this camaraderie?

unknownmami said...

I enjoyed the letter from "the management".

lisleman said...

good to hear that.

lisleman said...

Please do. Remember the time zone difference might make it look like we are not replying quickly. Looks like Unknown Mami could use a boost of something.

unknownmami said...

Mami is bummed out right now. She's hoping to get out of the funk soon. It doesn't really have anything to do with blogging, but it is affecting her blogging mojo. She seems to write about herself in the third person a lot lately. I think it's a symptom of feeling outside of herself.

lisleman said...

Well maybe I don't even want to know the source(s) of your funk. Odd how being funky was cool but being in a funk is not.
I wish could sprinkle some magic over your funk and let the sunshine in but I really don't know any magic tricks. Uplifting music helps me at times.

tattytiara said...

I actually just wandered over from Mami's - howdy!

lisleman said...

well hi nice to meet you. we have plenty of room in the comment section here. Take a look around.

lisleman said...

good she asked me to send some friends over.

W. C. Camp said...

I don't mind if you connect with me - but please not with that right hook
depicted in your cartoon! I'm a blogger not a fighter! W.C.C.

gaelikaa said...

Great post. I blog because I love writing and also because it gives me a great opportunity to connect. That is the very best part. Thanks for coming over to mine, it wa a pleasure to meet you and visit your blog.

Jillsy said...

I find it so ironic that in "real life" I can never find ANYONE who blogs! They are totally missing out!

lisleman said...

I didn't even think of "connect" with that picture. I was thinking more of "getting it". About the same I guess. I'm not a fighter either.

lisleman said...

thanks you are so right - that truly is the great thing about blogs - connect and share

lisleman said...

I'm in the same situation. The only bloggers I know in real life don't blog anymore. Most of us (but I'm starting to worry about the latest gen) can put a sentence together but that doesn't make one a writer or blogger. Blogging is not for everyone it does take time and creativity. The payoff for the effort is encouraging comments such as yours. thanks

TechnoBabe said...

I read your comment on Unknown Mami's post and you and Charlie sparring over there. It is nice that you guys are encouraging Mami while she is a little down right now. You are so right that non bloggers do not understand why we blog. My friends and some family don't get it. They have not been bitten by the blogging bug which challenges us and encourages us as a blogging community as well as individuals. Blogging is not my life but it is a great addition to my life.

The Urban Cowboy said...

That's awesome, and Mami is a favorite of mine for sure. Jillsy caught my attention because I too have yet to meet a blogger in real life, or someone who blogs.

lisleman said...

I'm sure you have noticed that most are women. Male bloggers are rare and many of them are political blogs.

secretagentwoman said...

As if any blogger needed an excuse to change course!

Lisa said...

I didn't want to barge into a male open heart discussion about blogging.
The conversation itself should be more than an interesting post.

I am heading to Mami.

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