Wednesday, July 14, 2010

fishy news

Our governor (Quinn) held a news conference about one solution to the invasive fish threat to the Great Lakes.  

While not the complete solution, this piece makes perfect sense to me.  Sell and export the fish.

The state will be investing $2 million in the fisheries that process and export millions of pounds of Asian carp to China and other countries.

This will create jobs and get rid of more of these fish (maybe an additional 30 million pounds).

Two interesting notes on the story:
  1. One of Illinois' U.S. representatives made a dumb statement.  The goal, Halvorson said, was to "return Asian carp to where they rightfully belong."
  2. The fish will be marketed in China as 'Wild Mississippi River Fish'.
Hey it not like these fish came here on their own.  The catfish industry brought them over to clean fish farms.

I suggest you pass on the wild river fish dish on your next visit to China.

I found a good clip on the bigger story.  It's from CNN.  It educates and entertains.  Take a look.

The real fear is these big silver carp (often the media just calls them Asian carp) get into Lake Michigan (then the other great lakes) and take over.  The fish grow and multiple much quicker than the native fish and take over the waters.  
I've written about this problem before - link - also there's another video about it on that post.

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Bearmancartoons said...

Send some out of work gulf fishermen up there

lisleman said...

Good idea but I guess it's a different type of fishing. I was thinking if these fish could eat oil there would be a good use for them.

Cheeseboy said...

""return Asian carp to where they rightfully belong." HA HA! That's right - back in the Asians, or Chinese or wherever they're from.

secretagentwoman said...

Think we'll ever learn about the risks of invasive non-native species.

lisleman said...

This makes me wonder. Too much short term and not much long term thinking.

W.C. Camp said...

I even have to watch the grass carp in my lakes or they will over breed. Those species are very aggressive on the environment. It is costly to relocate them but not a bad idea as compared to letting them get out of control in the Great Lakes. W.C.C.

dwmatty said...

I never heard about this before. Who would have thought that a fish species could overrun such a far reaching waterway system. Catch them and market them out.

Eternallydistracted said...

See, it's true - You learn something new every day!

lisleman said...

Yes that is very true if you keep your eyes and mind open.
Did you happen to watch the clip? It's not everyday you get to see a CNN reporter hit by a flying fish.

Joanna Jenkins said...

Sheesh-- I haven't heard of this one yet! I'll ask my family if the carp have hit Lake Erie yet (near where they live).

Hope all's well with you. I'm back from my Ohio vacation-- We just missed the thunderstorms and had a blast.


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