Friday, March 27, 2009

enjoying the job

Examples of enjoying your job

Starting off your flight in a good mood can only help. This flight started with some fun. I have enjoyed some jokes and great attitude on Southwest Airlines but I have not flown them enough to see the rapping and singing flight attendants. It's good to interact with service people that enjoy the interaction.

I suspect this other airline mentioned here a few weeks ago must be operated by disgruntled employees.

While I was browsing the SWA blog I found this video showing a little of Chicago. Another example of someone enjoying their work (assuming she was paid to create the video). IMHO - I would have edited the clip since it seems long to me.

Maybe the SWA CEO, Gary Kelly sets the tone for the company with his guitar riffs. Check this story on him.

Oh, my last post on SWA was about their Wi-Fi roll out. Here's an update from their blog.

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bluntdelivery said...

no one enjoys their job in chicago. trust me.

lisleman said...

@ bluntdelivery
thanks for the opinion but I don't agree - ok maybe during a freezing snow dumping day but that's just the weather (check an earlier post on that)

Example of enjoying your job in Chicago - Oprah, Michael Jordan (where did he go?), Blagojevich, the Cubs (why do they stay?)
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