Tuesday, August 28, 2007

remember Aug. 28, 2006

It was a Monday back in 2006.

I had expected it to be a very relaxed day with not too much to do since the next day Airfone would be closed for most purposes. Of course, a very small skeleton crew continues there today. It must be quiet there most days.

I was surprised by all the last minute cleanup work we had to do that Monday.

So I found this site (click on the title of this post) that lists news of the day for days in the past.

The day before (Sunday) started with a tragic plane crash in Lexington Kentucky. But I suspect most of us (I was) were thinking about job loss and what to do next.


Bill Lisleman said...

I hope to see some comments up here. Even if it's something like move on - get over it already.

I heard a few have move over to a new row.

Anonymous said...

checking the anonymous selection

Anonymous said...

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Lab Rat said...

Well, it does begin to seem like a long time ago, especially to those of us whose lives (professional or otherwise) are very different now. This rat has found a new lab to scurry around in, so I can't complain too much. And I never go long without seeing someone I know from Airfone.

Bill Lisleman said...

Lab Rat - thanks
Your comment brings up a question - of the Xfoners - who has move their job/home the farthest from Oak Brook? I know one of the remaining 23 lives very far downstate ( He did last time I talked to him). Also, I know of three that decided to work in Loop area. Like most of us ( I think ) my home is still the same one.

wkellyo said...

Jeez, in the past year (and a month) since leaving 2809, I took a job in the West Loop and moved to a high rise apartment in the New Eastside neighborhood of Chicago.

Add that I no longer have a car! In August of 2006 I would never have thought of NOT having a car, but I cannot justify having one in the city.

My life certainly has changed, as life has changed for many of us.

Bill Lisleman said...


thanks - seems you can NOT live without a car outside of the city -
have you ever tried WALKING to the mall? Once I was having some car work done and took a walk over to the nearby shopping area - just about got killed trying to get there. Not a walking friendly place -
so what about grocery shopping and getting the goods back to your place without a car???

wkellyo said...

Lisleman asked: "so what about grocery shopping and getting the goods back to your place without a car???"

Well, first there is a Dominick's just 'cross the river on Columbus. Only about a half-mile to and fro. Sometimes I swing by on my way home from work.Basically, when the basket gets full it is time to head for the checkout. I sometimes have to stop a few times a week to save taking a cab tat short a distance.

Second, I usually have to head out to Schaumburg on the first Saturday of every month for the monthly administrative council meeting for the Society for Technical Communication Chicago chapter of which I am the current Membership Chairman. I usually rent a car, so I will stop by Meijer and load up on some of the heavier items, i.e. detergent, V-8 Fusion, and whatever else I may need or don't feel like carrying from the Dominick's.

Third, I am signed upo for it, but have yet to use ti, and that is PeaPod. Those guys are here several times a day and I think when all is said and done, it isn't that much more expensive to get the groceries delivered to your door. Heck, even Binny's delivers.

It has been somewhat of an adjustment, but after 5+ months it seems normal now.

Bill Lisleman said...

Binny's - home delivery?

When someone is getting those types of deliveries at home, I think they might have a problem.

now I know you didn't say you did - but I would suggest skipping Binny's delivery service - those neighbors might talk.

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