Wednesday, September 05, 2007

reason for wi-fi on flights

Two of my favorite things in the above picture - Apple (Steve Jobs show) and Starbucks.
(oh thanks to the blogger at I found out about the news and got this nice picture)

So the news - Ipod blah blah blah

No really besides the expected updates to the I-pod product line, Apple announced a music store that is accessible via Wi-Fi and Starbucks. Walk into a Starbucks with the new Wi-Fi equipped I-pod and you will be connected to the special I-tunes store and be able to order music. This access is FREE unlike the normal wi-fi access at Starbucks. Like most press releases, this still needs to be rolled out to the stores so don't try it today or even tomorrow. Chicago Starbucks are not scheduled until March of 2008. I don't know what special things they need to do but I would guess it's a matter of some configuration changes that I wouldn't think would take so long. Who knows, maybe they need new access points.

I believe this I-tunes store should work via laptops too. So although they have a very cool wi-fi I-pod, you could use your laptop with I-tunes setup on it. At least, I think so.

So now the I-pod nation just needs Apple to partner-up with an Airline that has Wi-Fi equipped aircraft. The Wi-Fi aircraft have been done - Airfone trials, Boeing's Connexion, Aeromobile. Of course, Aircell is planning this too.

I'm just wondering if Apple and their Wi-Fi I-pod marketers know about the possible wi-fi future in aircraft.

Picture this - you fill some of that idle flight time with selecting some new tunes for your listening pleasure. Last I checked United served Starbucks.

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