Friday, August 17, 2007

always something

I suspect not many of you take the time (waste the time?) for a somewhat random google search, but I have and most of the time you find interesting things. So I googled "always something" and was a little surprised to turn up quite a few blogs. One result that I had to check out was "There's always something waiting to kill you in Australia" It very short but interesting none the less.

This past week sure has been "something" in the stock market. Above is a picture I found at the Chicago Tribune site of a trader in Brazil. Looks like the message was a bad one from his expression.

At least the markets ended the week on a up trend. Hopefully the stock clearance sales have ended.

A quote I read during this turmoil went something like " the market is going down quicker than free beer." It's most important to have a sense of humor in moments of panic.

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