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It was twenty (now it's been 40 years ) years ago today,
Sgt. Pepper taught the band to play

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Wow - forty years - remember vinyl? turntables that weren't just used for rap sound effects? How about playing albums backwards and listening for secret messages about Paul being dead? underground FM stations you could only pick-up late at night?

Some of that stuff - you reflect on it and find some of the teenage stuff today is different but maybe not much weirder.

Here's a link to the VOA site that has a clip about the 40th Anniversary.

I had to go check our boxes of old albums for the Sgt. Pepper one. It's still there, but it looks 40 years old. The rubbing against other covers has left spots of missing color and text. The paper edges barely hold the album together.

The last time I had a turntable hooked-up was when the cicadas were last here, I guess. Most of the albums (including this one) have a few scratches, so I don't plan on buying one now.

This one is an all time favorite of many including myself, but I would not say it's the top of the list. Even of the Beatle albums, I place the "White Album" or "Abby Road" higher on my list.

Well, if we could just get the Beatle's music released for digital download now. At least there's some stuff on youtube for listening.

update here's more posts related to the Beatles


Bill Lisleman said...

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Bill Lisleman said...

here's another beatle post about Paul McCartney's trip across the US.
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lisleman said...

Does anyone read these comments after hitting this page??
This is one of my most popular pages. Ok it because of the Sgt. Peppers picture but does the typical visitor just grab the picture and leave. Does anyone bother to read the post?
I guess it's the first law of comments - most visitors don't comment.

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