Saturday, August 09, 2008

get back

I first read about this last Wednesday in Mary Schmich's column in the Chicago Tribune. Paul McCartney and his girlfriend are traveling the mother road, route 66.

It was especially interesting because Joliet is my hometown and I have been on parts of route 66 since I was a kid. I also like the song. The one siting was at the route 66 museum in Joliet. Now I need to check that place out.

Mary Schmich wrote about it again in Friday's paper. I called my sister in Oklahoma (which in on route 66). She heard about and told me it was reported on their local radio station.

A quick internet search of the news turned up more stories about the trip including the above video. One of the funny parts of the video is the newscaster telling the guy to speed up his story.

Here a good site that is covering the trip.

I'm wondering if they will return the same way. With all his money he could get back just about anyway he wanted.

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