Tuesday, March 20, 2007

two questions about running out

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Two recent xfoner questions (from emails) regarding accounts/benefits running out.
  1. Has the unemployment run out yet? I believe it's still has some time left (little) - but of course it depends on when you started it.
  2. Has the flexible spending account closed? I think you should still be able to submit claims, but I don't think VZ gave us the full year.
Please offer your advice in the comments.


telco princess said...

Um-employment has ran out.
I would like to know how long does our health insurance last?

Bill Lisleman said...

Mine has run out - it's based on the number of weeks of severance
The best thing would be to call the benefits people.
luckily my wife has good insurance and so far hasn't kicked me out of the house.

Lab Rat said...

The maximum of 35 weeks for severance insurance should be done at the end of April, although I'm not sure the exact day. Lisleman should be able to tell us something about when and what kind of notice he got from the company about the end of severance and COBRA.

The rat was lucky and found another lab to work in, starting just before the severance runs out. I'd still be curious to learn about COBRA.

If we're going to do any more lunches, next week will be the last chance for me.

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