Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Lunch get together ideas

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This picture has me drooling.

I've exchanged some emails with Lab Rat about another get together. The last one (that I know of) was President's Day in February. Please share you ideas for another one in the comments.

where, when ???



Bill Lisleman said...

It should be expected that this get together lunch thing would not last too long. Maybe an evening time would be better going forward. Personally, I would prefer just having a beer together with the group.

wkellyo said...

Well Lisleman, I am going to through a few options out.

First, how about one on the weekend? Saturday afternoon? Sunday brunch anyone?

Second, now most likely everyone knows that I am moving to Chicago, but what about a get-together downtown?

Third, I like your idea about having one in the evening. But near a Metra station!

Bill Lisleman said...

my first thought to the weekend is that it would be likely other things would be planned - but that's just my thought - so others please be heard -
I like the idea of a metra station being close by. Downers Grove downtown is my suggestion.

Lab Rat said...

Lab rats are always in the mood for lunch. I wouldn't mind doing it once a month. It still surprises me how abruptly this custom stopped, especially since the last one was so well-attended.

It doesn't have to be the same place, but I may not be willing to go much farther and I probably wouldn't go into the city (no offense to wkellyo intended).

Meeting for a beer sounds good, too, although drinking and making a long drive could be a problem.

It would be nice to hear from some others on this topic.

Bill Lisleman said...

taken from a recent email:
How about Tuesday, March 20, 2007? We could try Cici's Pizza over there by
Best Buy. It is only $4.99 for the pizza buffet.
I think we would get a better turn out in the evening. I still like the idea of "near a Metra station". I know there's places in Downtown Downers Grove - but I'm sure other metra station would work too.

wkellyo said...

No offense taken LabRat.

I was meaning to write that comment for a while, but I was just found myself in a really bad mood everytime I re-read yer post!

Naw, I was just throwing out an idea. 'course, all yall can ride the Metra for $5 on the weekend!

But I imagine everyone has better things to do on a Saturday than ride the train in for a bite to eat in some overpriced Chicago deli.

Lab Rat said...

Obviously, I did offend, sorry.

It really amounts to me being lazy. I didn't grow up around here and still haven't really accepted that everything worth doing has to entail a lot of driving or a train ride. Consequently, I miss a lot of good activities.

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