Wednesday, March 21, 2007

sparks flash around this interesting guy

Know anything about Tesla coils?

They are named after Nicola Tesla who was a leader in promoting AC power and was behind capturing power from Niagara Falls.

Well anyway, I came across this guy from downunder who has an interesting hobby. Here's some pictures (many many more there) from his site. Oh he is sitting IN HIS CAR.

How about this to replace that stupid car alarm??

Beside making Tesla coils from old microwave parts, he also collects pens. I think he would have fit right-in with the Airfone lab crew.

If that pen collection doesn't make you relate to him, how about this power supply??


Lab Rat said...

Hey, I've got stuff like that power supply in my basement! Tesla was pretty cool, and so was Heinrich Hertz. Interesting link for radio geeks.

Bill Lisleman said...

hey I agree - which is why I posted it. It would be interesting and fun to visit that guy in Australia.

Do you know if Mark M. reads this blog much? He probably could relate more with the guy than me.

wkellyo said...

I didn't know that had microwaves (radar range mebbe?) when Tesla was alive.

I thought he lived like a long time roundabout the time of Marconi. I could google it, but I won't. Cross between being too lazy and not giving a damn.

Sorry, had a bad day at work. Hence the attitude.

Lisleman, are you drawing reference to Nikoli Resla, or the '80s hair band Tesla?

Bill Lisleman said...

yes Tesla did live at the same time as Marconi. BTW, he died broke in New York in the 40's.
Your right Tesla didn't use microwave oven parts - this downunder guy uses those parts as a cheap way to boost the power. Tesla built his own stuff and just bought down the whole power system. He caused a power company (Colorado Springs) generator to burn up.

wkellyo said...


I apologize. I should have read the post a little closer. That Aussie was making Tesla coils from old microwave parts. In my state of the mind the other night I was obviously not thinking clearly.

Funny how this all relates though. I was once so down in out when I lived in Colorado Springs, the onlu thing I could afford was macoroni and I nuked it in my microwave while listening to the radio.

Anonymous said...

He can't fool us engihnears. That is a Devry senior class project.
I'll bet he got an A for it too. However, it is his circus. I wonder who this ringmaster puts into the center ring? Fermi?


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