Saturday, March 24, 2007

Grand Thief Auto - but not very grand

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I found this browsing over at the NPR site.

After looking at some links and a little search, it's clear this "Bait Car" idea has been around. Since I'm not interested much in Grand Thief Auto or the criminals who are, I had never heard of this before. Here's a definition from guess where? -
(oh this site happens to be in British Columbia CA)
A bait car is a vehicle owned by the police and is intended to be stolen. After a bait car is stolen, the location, speed, and direction of travel of the vehicle is monitored by police dispatchers at E-Comm through GPS tracking. Everything that takes place inside the bait car is caught on audio and video. The dispatcher will coordinate a police response and once officers are in position behind the bait car, the engine will be disabled at the click of a mouse button which allows for the quick arrest of the car thieves.

So video camera, wireless, GPS, and remote control technologies are being put to use in catching car thieves. There's videos of the action from start to finish and there are used as evidence. Here's just one video (one of the better done ones).

Even with police programs like this going on for years it seems there is always a fresh crop of thieves that don't think they be caught or maybe just don't think much period.

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