Sunday, November 12, 2006

weekend recap

My daughter (21) suggested a movie this weekend. She heard "Borat" was good and I remembered it being plugged on a number of talk shows recently. I had a general idea of what the movie was about. I know some hate to know anything about a movie before they see it.

Well both my wife and daughter never made it all the way through the show. They were disgusted by the movie and decided to check out "Stranger than Fiction" that was playing in the same multiplex.

Quick side question - Have you ever gone to multiple movies once inside a multiplex place? I don't make a practice of it but I have done once or twice.

Back to the two movies - I must say I was shocked by how vulgar and gross this movie was. A long scene (if it was cut real short we would still get the point) of two fully nude men wrestling around was just gross. The language was way over the top too. Even though I didn't like the movie, there are some good laughs in it. Not enough to make up for the gross vulgar stuff. Hey, I enjoy funny stuff that can be mildly gross. "Something about Mary" is a favorite movie of mine.

It seems they often just try to push past the acceptable boundary to get some shock effect.

Since I stayed to the end "Borat", I didn't catch all of "Stranger than Fiction" but watch most of it. Much better movie. Very interesting idea/plot. Will Ferrell plays serious role with some humor and does a great job with the strange character.

Well if you have not seen either one - I suggest skip "Borat" and see "Stranger than Fiction".

(Oh the picture at the top - it's from a visit to Warner Bros. studio - very interesting - I don't think either of my two weekend movies were from that studio, but hey I had this "movie" type picture so there you have it)

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