Tuesday, November 07, 2006

civic duty

I walked over to my polling place this morning and voted. My polling place is in a church nearby. I noticed a funeral going on in the church. I couldn't help but think it was a Republican. If the "experts" are right they are losing ground today.

I don't want to throw politics into this blog and voting is Bipartisan (maybe multipartisan if you count those extra parties like the Green and others) so I don't think this post is very political.

I'm just sharing some thoughts on our election process here.

I hate the negative ads, but according to the "experts" (who are these people?) negative ads work. I don't believe it.

I wish the candidates would talk about issues not personalities. What is this a high school popularity contest?

I like the AARP ad. Tells you to go and check on the issues.

My ballot had 10 offices that were no contest - only ONE candidate running! If I would have known that I could have asked the other side to throw my name in there. A county board position (all of those were no contest) might be a good job.

Well I enjoyed the walk anyways.

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