Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Are we getting together Oct. 24 ?

If you didn't hear our organizer, carpet, landed a job and will not be pulling the get-togethers together.

So according to the two week schedule (the one on Monday was an exception) next Tuesday should be another lunch at Fuddrucker's.

Right now it's open for me.

My God, that hamburger looks better every time I post it!


Lab Rat said...

That would probably work for me, too.

Bill Lisleman said...

good it still looks good for me. I'm sure there are others that just want to surprise us and show up.

Lab Rat said...

Yeah, where is everybody, anyway? Did they all get jobs and become too busy to comment?

By the way, any idea why my picture doesn't show when I post or comment on your blog?

Bill Lisleman said...

good question - well it could be two questions. do you mean the little picture/icon that looks like a little man next to my comments? keep in mind that a post is different than a comment.

I believe the problem with your comment picture/icon is your profile is NOT public.

You'll notice Kelly has a picture of mountains and his profile is public.

if you are asking about pictures in a post then that's different.

wkellyo said...

I try to pass by the circus every other day or so. Myself, I am usually out the door before 06:00 and I usually don't get back until right around 18:00. The last three days I haven't got home until after 19:00.

Lab rat questioned getting a pic into a post. I had a devil of a time getting my pic into my profile.

You have to upload the file, and there is a size limit. There is "some" info in the help area, but I did not find it very helpful.

Bill Lisleman said...

hey lab rat, i see you added a picture to your profile did you try a comment a see if it shows up?

I saw the picture on the profile but your blog was still blank.

what did you try to post on your blog?

Lab Rat said...

Here's a test to see if my picture displays on a comment. Apparently it does, and a nice likeness, I might add.

Per your suggestion, I created a new blog, which mysteriously worked this time. It's basically the same name, but with hyphens between the words. Sorry to others for being cryptic, but I have to consider what I want to do with it and how public I want it to be.

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