Saturday, October 14, 2006

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"you know when I was kid the internet was so slow ....

Well actually, there was no internet, heck we only had 1 bit. Unless I consider myself a kid all my life, but that's just playing word games. My point is that internet access for most of us has become better.

If I would have been able to buy my xfoner laptop, then tomorrow I could be sitting at breakfast and surfing for FREE (think Panera Bread ). But I have no good working laptop :( But more on breakfast in a bit.

When I think about the "web" it is really about more than just text. The internet was text, you know universities, government groups, and DARPA. After, the wonderful HTML, mp3, jpeg, mpeg, etc. comes along this "web" gets interesting and SLOW. But now for most of us, the access has picked up.

Another thing that comes along (one of many) is digital cameras. Being able to take digital pictures makes taking pictures almost FREE. But I discovered recently some people take digital pictures OK, but don't handle the transfer of their pictures very well. I have loaded pictures on both PC and Mac (some of you may know I prefer the Mac). But I know many people for various reasons have not learned the steps of transferring and uploading pictures. A busy lady I was asking about digital pictures recently told me she buys more memory cards in order to take more pictures. That defeats the whole "almost FREE" picture taking concept.

So I would be interested to know if many of you move/save your pictures both on a computer and then the web. I typically put the best pictures up on a web site and share them with family. Two sites I have used in the past are snapfish (sharing and prints) and multiply (sharing). The limitation I found on snapfish is allowing others to download the original picture (they don't). Multiply allows you to really share the picture (full original size download). Another big one is flickr but I have not used it. There are many out there.

Well along with many activities (buying 1.6 billion web sites, etc.) Google recently upgraded the features of their picasa product. I used this back on that laptop to save pictures. But now picasa includes a picture album web site. So being a mac guy and iphoto user, I felt somewhat passed over. No more! My daughter just told me that Google released a plug-in for iphoto. This is great. Also, picasa lets you share the original size of the picture.

Back to that breakfast. Here's a recent breakfast picture I uploaded from iphoto to the picasa site and then over here. They provide HTML code to embed in your blog (how nice).

So if you want to learn more about picasa, click on that "get photo software from Google" button on lower right side of this page.

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