Wednesday, September 20, 2006

try to embed a clip

Ok this is a clip (well if works ;)) that I made from digital pictures and some "borrowed" music of REM's. The whole copyright thing could be problem but hey I'm just trying this technology out so give a geek a break.


Bill Lisleman said...

I just tried to post a comment - maybe blogger is acting up ??

Anyway I'm not pleased with this clip experiment. It's too large (maybe there's some numbers to adjust) and the thing doesn't stop playing.

Bill Lisleman said...

Oh if you want to stop the playing click the play (arrow) button. It will stop then.

If this is too annoying I'll pull it off

wkellyo said...

Uh Lisleman... do you want me to send you the available jobs at my place? The clip is great and everything, but it just seems to me that you have too much time on yer hands.

'Course that is just my opinion, I could be wrong. -Dennis Miller-

Bill Lisleman said...

what a job - like in an office? - like you need to drive forever to just get there?? I just to carefully consider all my options

Don't you call this important work?

Is it a blogging job?

I really was responding to "carpet's" comment about sending me a video clip for the blog - WHICH (are you reading this?) I have NOT received yet.

Hey I was thinking of raising the bar and making a video blog - you know a vlog - now that would be scary.

"Just your opinion" man that's what this is all about OPINIONS

so thank you once again.

Anonymous said...

Sorry for the delay in sending the vid clip, but it is in a .3g2/3gpp movie importer file format and I have been trying to download a program to convert it to .avi or .mpeg. The .3g2/3gpp format is used by cell phones or the program to convert it once it is transferred to a PC.

The download is going a little slow I have dial-up so it takes some time. The first program I downloaded from will not convert the file. So I have been trying another program, but it will take a while.

I’ll send you file the way it is and see if you can play it. Quicktime does play the clip, but I don’t know what you need to post it in your blog.

Good luck

wkellyo said...

I was only joking! That is one of the problems with electronic communication, no room for inflection of voice.

Yes, I think this blog is important. It is an excellent way for former Airfoners to keep in touch.

Bill Lisleman said...

you are very right about this lack of inflection/tone of voice thing.

I'm not upset.

I think your comment of too much time on yer hands - was funny.

I just tried to give you a little bit of crap about the real job thing.

seems like we need to chill a little

wkellyo said...

Gooozfrabraugh...gooozfrabraugh... I thinki that was the "word" in that Anger Management film.

And BTW, I have a very short drive toget where Im' going to go to my office job! Okay, so I have almost an hour on the train after that short drive, but ... yeah, your point is still valid I suppose.

Bill Lisleman said...

so do you have a routine on the train yet? read books, laptop, newspaper ?
stare at the eye candy? (guess that would not be routine unless you have one great traincar)

wkellyo said...

Routine... well in the mornings I usually start with the Daily Herald and time permitting will return to whatever book I am reading at the given time. Afternoon trips are usually spent reading the book. I am currently reading Paul Horgan and J. Philip Newell.

As for the eye candy...ja fer shure dontya kno.

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