Wednesday, September 20, 2006

In case you are wondering

I got a video clip from carpet.
I created an account at
I tried uploading this clip which was taken from his cellphone camera
It appears to have uploaded but it was "still processing"?
Now I can't find the clip
I even tried uploading again and found the clip but it didn't have sound which the orginal one did.

I'll mess around with it a little more.


erynoc said...

what a great idea. it was great to see everyone by face:) keep posting more videos.

Bill Lisleman said...

what do you think of the multiple videos on the same page - I guess it depends on how you access the blog. If you go to general home page then you get the multiple video loading thing which find sortof annoying.

But I noticed if you use a RSS feedreader (built into firefox) and you select a posting or story then you just get that posting and that video picture or whatever.

So I'm wondering if I should avoid putting multiple videos up there one after another

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