Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Interesting connections

Well if you don't know by now, I like blogging (duh!). Another interest of mine is space/science/technology (some would call geek stuff - but that's too general).

So anyway back to the above title - I was watching a favorite video blog (vlog) called rocketboom and found out about this space blog by Anousheh Ansari (wish I knew how to pronounce her first name).

So the first interesting connection is space and blogging.

After reading some of this and other stories on it (many stories on it right now since she is currently in space at the moment) I discover two more connections. She is a big part (along with her husband) of the X prize which was a very big event for space exploration.

Two - she and her husband start a company involved in VoIP called telecom technologies that they sold to Sonus Networks. That money supports her X prize and space travels.

Also the two worked for MCI (now VZ) at one time.

So start a company, make big bucks, and buy a space flight. Easy to think but not easy to do.

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