Monday, August 28, 2006

time to check the alternate route

Well for many including myself, today was the final day. It was a strange day that came at the end of a string of strange days.

Sorting and identifying contents in old boxes from storage was mostly a pain but once in awhile we would come across something interesting like old pictures (they were dropped in the community corner of AOSC) or stuff I had worked on back in the early 90's.

Then today, a wild rush to empty offices and fill trash. Those that left before didn't completely clean out their stuff. The strangest thing today was a can of Brute spray deodorant. (this is not a picture of the one I found but if it had the gorilla on the label I probably would have a collectible)

And then just make things a little stranger, I was given my 10 year certificate and pin. Monty Python couldn't have timed that better.

So READERS tell us how your last day went.


Bill Lisleman said...

thanks, but having that and my final checkout on the same day was ???? I not sure what word to use. Maybe I could sell the idea to "The Office". I am glad I benefitted from the timing of the anniversary and the closing.

wow, 23 years, that's a long time. So did you start at a different location? Anyone over 20 yrs of duty should get free phone calls on the system for the rest of .. oh yeah that won't work. Oh how about a pin? Actually, the 10 year gift was nice, I picked a watch.

Lab Rat said...

I had hoped for an easier (and shorter) last day, but that doesn't matter now that it's over. We were all reasonably professional to the very end, I think, and maybe that will pay off someday.

Oddly, I've been at least as busy since the layoff as while I was working. Makes me wonder how I had time to have a job - or how I'll adjust to having another one.

Bill Lisleman said...

yeah I didn't expect it to go the way it did and yes it doesn't matter now, but a little GRIPING helps fill the blog.
Being professional is always good.
Oh that next job - it sure has me wondering. So far my new boss (wife) has not been too pushy or demanding that I get moving on it. I'm going to do some visiting of family over the next few weeks.
Really if you think about it we all have many different jobs (roles) to work on through our life. The pay just comes in different forms.

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