Wednesday, July 19, 2006

more on the job of getting a job

So now I've had the full day seminar and mock interview, along with the interview practice with spherion, I'm thinking more about interviewing than I have in the past. Practice in front of the mirror? I don't know if I'll be trying that one but I guess that's between myself and my mirror. A little practice on the drive over to the interview would be good.

Now, I know of one person that has really jumped/leaped/full body slam/whatever into this job search. He has even setup a live answering service to field his job calls. I am still at the point of needing to get some new shoes. Wonder if anyone has done a makeover for job searching.

Well, I'm off to a slower start than some but I feel prepared. Too bad I can't just jump to the part where you have to juggle multiple offers.

One answer I have ready - what's the best place you have been let go from? - this place


Anonymous said...

Well, you're ahead of me; I don't even have a suit yet. Of course, that's not a problem as long as I'm not getting interviews. I really need to get going.

Bill Lisleman said...

yeah the suit and tie thing - it is so much better now than many years ago. I remember being required to wear a tie to work here.

Really, in most cases we will be able to work in casual clothes the interviewer would benefit to see a sample of your casual clothes - not the suit you won't be wearing again anytime soon.

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