Friday, July 07, 2006

Best wishes

In the hope that you are still reading this.
Best wishes to John M., Mark G. and Eryn C. on your new adventures. Anyone know of any others that have jumped from the plane already?

So when you get your feet on the ground at these new places - PLEASE send us your new EMAIL addresses.

As I write this, the thought occurs to me that our whole company could fit on a widebody plane. We should ask corporate to charter us a flight somewhere.


wkellyo said...

I knew that Mark was leaving and that John had left, but I didn't know about Eryn. The only other two people I know of are Italo, but I think he retired and possibly one of our ground techs in Montana, but I am not sure.

I am currently 0-2, but I have 2 more I should be hearing about this week, not to mention about a half-dozen or so that are on the back burner. Now that the holiday has passed, I am going to ramp up the job search.

I wonder if we should have a bulletin board or something at work reporting on those of us who have left and where to. Kind of like a mock obiturary of sorts.

...he was last seen walking down the sunny side of the street whistling a happy tune...

Bill Lisleman said...

well i don't think having that info posted on the wall is right. But I certainly will be asking them for contact info - but i would NOT put that info in public view. we need to be careful about privacy.

My hope of course is for help in the networking of where these jobs can be found.

Your score thing seems strange to me, since the win number most likely will not go pass 1. Well you are perfecting your interview skills annyway. i have not had an interview yet. still working on getting the best words on that resume.

wkellyo said...

In response to your comment on scoring:
"Don't forget that no matter how many "No's" you hear, it only takes one "Yes" to make your career." -Mike Straka-

Anonymous said...

I've been reading for a while and finally got around to figuring out how to comment. I thought that I had to be a registered blogger, but apparently not. I'm not clear on the need to obscure one's identity, but I'll go along until I learn more.

My only on-topic comment is to wonder how many will be left at the end of the 60-day period. It seems like a lot of folks are really getting serious with their job hunting - unlike me.

Anonymous said...

Thanks. I will keep in touch. Eryn

wkellyo said...

This comment is for lab rat. It is my understanding that approximately 35 folks will be left after August 28.

Two birds with one stone, this comment is for Eryn, good luck at


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