Thursday, July 20, 2006

Not guilty of not using the blue bag

I was surprised this morning with a "Blue Bag" on my office chair with a note. The stern note pointed out that my paper pile ( to-be-shreaded ) on top of the shreading box was not the proper way to take care of these papers.

It was NOT my pile of papers. After some asking about this, I discovered the top paper had a post-it note that I had written. I guess I gave the document to someone and put this post-it note on it.

Then later in the day, another post-it note shows up on some stuff on one of those dusty shelves. This post-it was written by me, but back in 93-94 (maybe?). I had suggested something to Jim C. This 12 or greater year old post-it note was still sticky.

I'm thinking I should write my will on a post-it note. They last forever and I don't have much to will anyway.

I really like those blue bags - very top quality bags. They would make great laundry bags.

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