Thursday, June 22, 2006

Why we should use this blog

Well actually it could be any blog or way to NETWORK

One of the key things to getting that next job is networking. I got back into VZAF because I kept in contact with a couple of former co-workers. After I had left VZAF the first time, I never thought these guys would be helping get back in again. But it happened and I am so grateful they were able to help.

Networking really helps when you can get your resume to someone on the inside. Nothing against HR but sometimes they just act as guards.

Networking alone doesn't do it. Along with other things you need the right attitude.

I was able to help some other past co-workers at different times too.

So try this out - post a comment


Anonymous said...

I completely agree. Also go to to help see who is currently working at what companies and who knows them to get a contact.

Bill Lisleman said...

pmce - whoever you are thanks for that reference. I didn't join up yet but the concept of the site sounds good.

I just wonder if it is full of headhunters, who can be really annoying at times.

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