Friday, June 23, 2006

found this tool - thanks to a comment

If you check out the comments, you find a comment that mentions a site called Linkedin.
(click on the title above to go there) Some of my co-workers belong to this. I just found out about it from this blog.

Unlike this very open blog, this community site requires to log-in and people are connected by invitation.

You may find it useful for job searching.


Bill Lisleman said...

do you mean the sunday paper? you posted this comment on saturday, but I know the tribune puts an early edition of the sunday paper out. I looked thru the saturday paper and only found the article about us shutting down. News that I also happened to hear on public radio friday afternoon. their web site shows a good list of jobs.

thanks now I am waiting for the sunday paper delivery

wkellyo said...

The ad was in the early Sunday edition.

wkellyo said...

Addendum to my first post, the Tribune ad shows a lot more jobs than the AirCell website does. In addition, it refers to a Schaumberg-area facility.

Bill Lisleman said...

I guess I'll know more when I read the ad tomorrow.
wondering did they list an address in Schaumberg?

People that live south of Oak Brook would not enjoy that extra drive. I know a few that are really spoiled by a very short commute. I'm only about 8 miles from the Oak Brook site.

wkellyo said...

The ad did not list an address in the Northwest suburbs. I was planning on doing some research to see if I can find anything on the web for an address. My lease is up in Spetember, so I was planning on moving anyway. And if I got on with them, might as well move within the vicinity.

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