Thursday, June 22, 2006

Much better than my last experience

Well so far anyway.

Some of you may know I was in the USAF, but this blog is about the VZAF. While most anyone can find a problem with most anyone or anything, overall I really liked working at VZAF. We had some exciting ideas and technology. It was a small group of great people.

So far the handling of this "mass layoff" (see earlier posting on MLS) is so much better than my experience at Tellabs. We were treated with very little respect when you got the ax there. A short meeting in morning to give you the news, then escorted to your desk were someone watched over you clean-up your stuff, then escorted to the door. They actually told coworkers to not talk to me as I was being processed out. I felt like I had been marked with a contagious disease. The layoffs there were every quarter for awhile and I heard later that some people were being told by getting a phone number to call the night before to hear a message telling them where to show-up for processing.

Telling you, it could be worse doesn't do much to lift your spirits. But this is one of the better places to be layoff from.

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