Friday, January 11, 2013

Believe It Or Not - I Posted This

Pay attention. This is not important.

This is the first original introductory novel edition of the blogger game BIONIPT (trademark Lisleman LLC). This is not important if you don’t want to be in the know or in the loop (Chicagoans have an additional meaning to being in the loop). 

I call it a blogger game but I would fine with calling it a challenge or even a meme.   My understanding of meme doesn’t fit what many bloggers call memes so I am sticking with blogger game.  BIONIPT is a game with the possible prize of a few great comments on your blog.  I have been complimented on a few of my comments in the past.  I try.

The underlying game objective is to share some oldie but goodie posts. There is no set age the post needs to be. I’m going for posts that are over one year old but a great post of 6 months or so ago fits well with my game idea.

You don’t really need to re-post it but that doing that would be a better refresh. A freshen re-post will show up on followers’ blog readers too. Don’t rewrite it because part of the fun is reading what you wrote back then. If the post is too old you might have the comments turned off by now too.

Can you explain the appeal of new?

Is the new thing preference some natural human characteristic? Buzz, hype, hip, cool, new things, new places. An old blog post (old measured in days) just doesn’t grab the attention like a new post. Like farts they fade fast which is good for farts but a problem for blog posts. I’m not sure why blog readers react that way (about the posts not the farts).

It would unreasonable (there are plenty of unreasonable people but bloggers tend to be reasonable) to expect you to have a post already in mind for this game today. I going to post a second round in a few days with a linky tool for the players link their entries.  (there's no linky tool on this preview post)

Really why should you play along?

Because you are a blogger with the desire to share. 
Because Lisleman is a nice guy and was entertained by gumby as a kid. 
Because you have a great post that needs a great comment from Lisleman added to it.

To demonstrate BIONIPT I offer you this post from a day in 2011.


My eyes were opened in a dream, a future’s dream.

Through a foggy mist the great African god Bumba appeared. In a voice that rumbled through the windows Bumba gave me a warning. His English was broken. I could only understand what appeared to be disconnected words.

Sunday, prime, noise, July, future

After deciding he was not telling me of an upcoming Sunday primetime show, I was puzzled about what was going to happen.

frequency, noise, polarization, broken, radar

So many technical terms - did my engineering background and interest in physics lead him to me? Why did he appear in my dream? These questions were not asked but he could read my mind. He was in my mind. He knew my thoughts. Yes was the answer.

“What frequency is broken?”, I bravely thought.

microwave, wi-fi

I woke with a message but unsure of details.  After scribbling these words down and doodling around them, a bleak prophecy seemed to form.

the day of primes - Fifth Sunday of the Seventh Month of the Eleventh year will bring a global event that kills microwave frequencies.

The Monday after -
  • not I-pads but paper pads - pens and paper
  • hotspots gone cold
  • dead cordless phones
  • bluetooth that's is just blue
  • dead garage door openers
  • garbled doppler weather radar
  • noisy satellite TV
  • Theft prevention RFID tags preventing nothing

Something touched me deep inside, the day the Wi-Fi died.


longhollow said...

I reposted an old one not too long ago. Does that count? (Weird dream, by the way!! Very scary!!)

Frau said...

Omg that is a nightmare if Wi-Fi really died! I'm going back in the archives and taking a look! Have a great Saturday!

lisleman said...

Yes your repost would work perfectly. I'll link it up when I do the second round. thanks

CaliforniaGirl500 said...

Hi! Nice job. My question is, where do we post an old post? It seems like it would make sense to either 1) copy & paste in a comment to you or 2) copy the link & post in a comment to you with an opening explaining the post

lisleman said...

We have become very dependent on all our wireless technology. It's getting close to our electricity dependence. thanks

lisleman said...

You would just repost it on your blog. Just copy/paste it into a new post. I would include a short intro indicting it was repost. My second round of this will have a list of links to participating blog posts.
When I do the second round (in a few days) stop by and there will a "linky" type gadget on my post that you can enter the post link.
If this sound confusing take a look at my LLL game which you can find under the LLL tab above.

lisleman said...

Just did more thinking about your question. This introduction post on the idea does not have a linky tool which might be confusing. If you like you can also leave the URL link address in a comment and I'll link it up. Either way.

Bee said...

Ugh, our TV and Wi-Fi (and our home phone when we had one) are through cable, so if one goes out, so does the other. I hate relying so much on electronics, but I throw a fit whenever this happens! lol

I am totally excited for BIONIPT!!!! Let the games begin! I'll wait for the post that has the linky tool and will copy and paste my post onto a new post and include a short intro about BIONIPT with a link to the page.

lisleman said...

The cable company doesn't bother to explain that you are putting all your entertainment and connection "eggs" in one basket. Thanks it looks like I'm getting a good response to this idea.

Joanna Jenkins said...

I'm paying attention :-) And I usually follow directions. I'll try to figure out how to do this a play along. Thanks! jj

tettelestai said...

Ok, hilarious. Are you going to have a linky set up too? I can't wait for this...whatever we are calling it ;-) And I am going to try to pay that a Starbucks??

Pam said...

Well, alrighty then! Game ON! Thanks for jumping in the 'shark tank' over at my blog yesterday! It wasn't so bad now, was it? :)

lisleman said...

No shark bites so I'm good. Please check back for the BIONIPT post with the linky tool.

lisleman said...

Yes the next BIONIPT will have a linky tool. Doesn't drinking Starbucks give you focus? thanks

lisleman said...

Be sure to check back. It will be posted soon. thanks

Mrs4444 said...

And the acronym means....? Funny you should mention this idea, because about an hour ago, I hit Publish on an oldie-but-goodie set to run later this week. I'll watch for your linky.

lisleman said...

Oh cool, please link it up. It stands for the words in the post title.

Mrs4444 said...

I have a brutal schedule this week; don't be afraid to share the link....Thanks.

lisleman said...

Ok I can link it up for you - thanks
Oh all the best on the schedule

Mrs4444 said...

You're a gem; thanks.

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