Sunday, January 13, 2013

taco me this

writing with a mission 
or just wishin n bitchin?

inspiration by hocus-pocus 

or plan a post with focus?

words connected and written 

the internet has too many kittens

we need to log it

relax just blog it

found the greatest tip 

or a story about a trip

be nice lighten it up 

I disdain the bitter cup

(these taco thoughts were brought to you by Lisleman)


Mrs4444 said...

Who knew you were also a poet?! :)

lisleman said...

thank you - you are too nice. Poetry is much more than rhyming a few words. I did have fun putting those words together. It probably goes without saying that I also enjoy taking strange pictures.

Cheryl P. said...

Love your poem but can there really ever be too many kittens?

lisleman said...

Bloggers should balance things out with non-kitten posts. Cats are likely to get an attitude. thanks

lisleman said...

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