Saturday, October 27, 2012

gather around I’ll tell you a story


No, I don’t want you comfortable you’ll likely fall asleep. Try this idea, let’s pretend Brad Pitt is telling this like he did in that Chanel #5 commercial. Or if you’re not persuaded by Brad, try Natalie Tran, an Aussie youtube wonder. Don’t have a clue what I’m talking about - good. Check Lilly’s blog for details.

A little blogging story -

Blogging is fun - sharing - exploring - and you don't even need all that clown makeup or a shave. I've had so much fun that I've created a few more blogs. It gets hard to water all the blogs in the house so those other ones are very secondary. Dark alleys ghost towns of little feedback.

I’ve been scratching and blogging for many years now. I don’t know how I could get on without either. Sure a good lotion probably would solve the first habit. But blogging? I've discovered many interesting people from around the world and learned a thing or two about something or other (like how to be vague).

I didn’t know what to expect from blogging. Blogging is full of surprises like the movie, Forrest Gump. And like Forrest, some bloggers just stop in the middle of the road and quit. I’m not ready to quit but I thought Lilly did back in 2010 (more info here if you like).

Still awake? Good, you might have noticed I’ve mentioned Lilly twice. Two reasons for that:
1- She writes a great blog and has inspired me with ideas in the past.
2- I won a giveaway she offered recently. I received the latest CD by Margo Rey. see Margo's website

Margo's pic with the album

So thanks Lilly and thanks readers because without you my blogging would be too much like my scratching.

another circus 


Lisa Fazillah said...

Hehe you are too funny Bill. Did you ever have to think whether to scratch or not to scratch. like blogging? Congratulations on the winning. I do not know the singer but she looks interesting. And Bill, if you ever come to my site, please do not miss the youtube video that I made for the very first time posted in the post before the latest.

lisleman said...

thanks - I had to look around for you blog. I admit I lost track of you blog for awhile during your time off. I'll be trying to get there more.

Oh anyone reading this - she made a great video of her garden.

GBDB said...

Congratulations on the CD... how is it? Blogging is full of surprises, I have enjoyed it, especially getting a glimpse of what happens around this big old world.

CiCi W said...

I listened to Margo's music, she has a great voice.

Kathy said...

Congrats on the win...I will have to check Lilly blog out...I like finding new blogs. I often think of walking away from my blog but it's become such a part of my life. I find it odd when a blogger you follow for years and one day they are gone...the end!

Cheryl P. said...

Congrats, on the win. Blogging is a curious habit. It must start out of a need..venting, love of writing, need to share, whatever but the drop out rate is huge. Evidently the need gets fixed just as in the case of scratching makes the itch go away. Several of my favorite blogs disappeared and I ultimately know that somewhere in the future so will mine.

lisleman said...

Nothing lasts forever but somethings seem like they do and we don't often want those things. Thanks for sharing your comment and joining the follower ranks. I just added my name to your follower list too.

lisleman said...

thanks - hope you find her blog a good read. Walking away for a short period might not be a bad idea. We know, going for walks is healthy - right? I never plan on blogging everyday. Each blogger can set their own pace.

lisleman said...

Yes she does. Did you notice she is married to Ron White the comedian? She wrote the only Housing Crisis song I know of - "Pla$tic Karma".

lisleman said...

I rarely find the whole CD/album set of songs great. I like her "Pla$tic Karma", "Let The Rain", "Saturn Returns" and her cover of "She's Not There". Thanks

Secret Agent Woman said...

I'd seen the print ad of Brad Pitt selling Chanel, but not the commercial. Silly stuff. But the parody's were funny.

Lilly said...

Aw you are so sweet. You are a great blogging mate and a great networker and an early adapter of new stuff like G+. And you are very creative and come up with stuff that makes me laugh out loud or shake my head about at times.

Yes, I did nearly quit blogging back in 2010, which ended up being for about 6 months. One of these days I wonder if I will ever have the guts to tell my story that kind of hangs over me to this day. I don't really reveal too much about myself on my blog really (I know that will make you laugh hey?) I may, and I would like to but sometimes I think too much info is a turn off for readers especially when my blog is more light hearted than serious.

If you will notice on my blog I wrote 208 entries the first year in 2008 and then it slowly became smaller and smaller over the next few years. I have my blogging mojo back again though now and am happy to be writing again. I have told you this before but I am never going to give up my blog ever. There will some posts every year. I will keep doing it regardless.

Anyway thank you for the shout out my friend, glad you liked the CD and as I told you there are going to be lots more giveaways on my blog in the near future.

All of us bloggers need to keep the networking going like it used to be when I first started.

Peggy Cameron said...

Lilly deserves heaps of shout-outs, she is a very talented soul and we love her to bits!

lisleman said...

I love parodies of most everything. thanks

lisleman said...

Have you two met? You are both Aussies right? Of course I know not everyone from an area meets everyone but I was wondering. Meeting through words do count. Thanks for browsing across the bigger pond.

lisleman said...

You write a very nice comment. Very good to know your determination to keep the blog going. The blog sharing and connecting benefits all of us.

Revealing - Oh I agree. One thing I compare a blog to is a billboard on the highway (of course my highway isn't paved yet). How much personal information would you want to plaster on a billboard?

There's many things about my life that will never show up here. People are curious but too bad.

Thanks my friend.

Reena Walkling said...

Congrats on the win. And Brad and Chanel? Seen the ad and it makes me laugh!

lisleman said...

thanks - They did accomplish one important thing with it. People are talking about it.

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