Thursday, August 02, 2012

Scrambled eggs and hash fragments

(Warning: The post you are about to read contains Lisleman’s fact and fiction. It only takes a quick spin on my office chair to start my inner ear spinning. I often don’t recall what was fact.)

Granted they are only virtual, but the Friday Fragments are tasty for your mind and contain no sodium (unless they produce tears). Mrs. 4444 might find time in between puppy training and puppy entertainment to host her weekly FF post with tasty FF links on the side.  Check her blog - it's well worth your time.

Mommy's Idea

King of the Blog - I’m a man of means but by no means King of the Blog.

Remember when you were studying Differential Equations? 
No? Remember when you were reading Goldilocks and the 3 Bears? 

It’s great getting that ah-ha feeling when concepts click in your brain. Now I just get that feeling in my lower back and sometimes my knees click. More of the “ah ahhh” than the “ha”. Oh the good old days of just the right porridge.

Skating on thin ice on a hot August day would be an activity for the few-fries-short-of-a-happymeal club. I don’t want to join that club, but I might find myself being awarded an honorary membership. I had a short interesting exchange on the “Women of a Certain Age” blog this week. She replied in a comment reply (firm believer that the comments can be better than the post), “...I hit 30 and BOOM my bio clock went into overdrive...”.

I commented: 
“I don't know if I would ever understand this but biology while interesting has been a little too messy for me. Not that you would but I can't imagine having my mom tell me that I came about because her bio-alarm went off. Does the thing have a snooze button?” 

I think it went downhill from there.

One of the scarier olympic events - women’s shooting finals (never date a woman who can out shoot you - my advice)

OMG - I’m so thankful to have a blog to complain on. Find out why in this post.


Bearman Cartoons said...

That cat bank is a great rendition of some old technology.

CaliforniaGirl500 said...

Thanks for "tagging" me in your post. Too bad you don't believe in bio clocks. They are real, buster. If I were your wife...well, I hate to say what would be "going downhill from there" . HAHAHAHAHA!

You are always fun. Signed, CG a "Woman of a Certain Age"

lisleman said...

I found this on G+. Yes those old mechanical ones are collector items.

lisleman said...

You are welcomed. Downhill or uphill - I always thought horizontal worked the best. But we don't need to get into that.
Thanks CG.

Barbara Shallue said...

Boy, you really jumped around on this one! Love that little bank!

lisleman said...

Yes I did. Shorter fragments too. You should try the FF game (oh I don't recall you doing one so if I missed one - ah, oops). Your "sweets" post is similar to the FF thing so you could probably combine them.

Laurie Matherne said...

I don't know for sure, but you may feel differently about being married to a sharpshooter if you lived in a different part of the world, such as Honduras. Women of a certain age who can shoot may be a good thing if their energies are put into the right focus.

lisleman said...

The right focus would make the difference. I never think of women bodyguards. thanks

Ann in the UP said...

We have friends and the wife can now outshoot her husband in competition. I trust her with a weapon, she's a lovely gentle person.

lisleman said...

That's good to know. It's also good to know that my thinking is probably wrong.

Tami Miller said...

You DID NOT say that? OMG! I think if I were her… oh never mind… I don't want to scare you. :-)

lisleman said...

you mean the bio-clock comment? Like I said I guess I"m a thin ice skater. thanks

GB said...

What does it mean if a concept never clicks whether in your mind or back? I have many concepts that just don't click.... ever!

lisleman said...

Well I would say those concepts are complete mysteries. Of course many concepts are created from a person's imagination so there may be no truth to them. I like your question, GB.

Mrs4444 said...

I saw the end of the women's shooting finals--Very impressive!
I've been ignoring my clock.

lisleman said...

Women can shoot as good as men I believe. Your clock - assuming this is a real thing, I wonder if it is influenced by puppies.

Mrs4444 said...

haha I believe it is! I'm so happy with him; he's a peach! Steve arrives in 6 days--my clock could start going berzerk!

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