Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I can think clearly

I can think clearly now that the sniffling annoyance is gone.

I’m at my local library. Yeah the one I pay local taxes to keep running. Money spent for a good public service in my opinion.

The first table I sat down at turned out not to be the best choice. The free (tax funded - so hey people, I chipped in on this) internet connection was initially very slow. Had it been faster my slideshow with music playing on headphones would have cancelled out the sniffling noise of that punk (he was annoying so he is a punk for now) sitting at the table behind me. Maybe it’s a cold, maybe allergies, maybe cocaine, don’t know, don’t really care. Just go perform your sniffle sonata somewhere on the other side of the rainbow. You know what, I know a expressway where you could practice.

I got up and re-located and found a better internet connection but no power outlet. That position was much better but my old battery (in the laptop not me) soon needed a recharge. Now I’m sitting in the “Thomas A. Sanchez Reading Area”. Thanks Tommy. A multi-plug extension cord between two nice chairs and table. I might start my library adventure here next time.

I went looking on Pinterest for sniffling or sniffing. There is subtle but not muted difference between sniff and sniffle. I found this interesting picture of a tobacco sniffing contest - who knew? Oh yeah maybe that punk at the other table. Both annoying and disgusting.

OMG - I’m so thankful to have a blog to complain on.
And I think to myself, it will be bright sunshiny night and I’ll be up all night.

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Rebecca said...

Enriching minds for decades. I love the library. Know what would make it better? If they installed a weight room/exercise room equipped with treadmills and exercise bikes/elliptical and the like to enrich our bodies.

Barbara Shallue said...

My son works at the State Library and has to deal with the people who come in to use the public computers. He says he feels like a babysitter or parent most of the time because there's always one who tends to annoy the others.

lisleman said...

If the library is quiet like it should be the small sounds, sniffles, tapping, scratching, etc. can be really annoying.

lisleman said...

I never thought of having that associated with a library. One problem I could see is hot sweaty people coming over and crashing on the comfortable reading chairs. thanks

unknownmami said...

Boy, this is the complainiest you've been in a long time. Poor sniffle-afflicted boy.

Me and the Mexican said...

What in the hell..... a tobacco sniffing contest? Never heard of it. You know I'm going to go google this now, right?

lisleman said...

I bet you find a few strange looking pictures. I was surprised to see young women competing. I had not heard of it either. Weird Germans.

lisleman said...

Funny I would have thought you would write bitchiest. I should follow my own advice and lighten-up.

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