Monday, March 22, 2010

Hey that toy looks like me

If you changed his hair to a salt and pepper gray and put some bags under his eyes, I would need to get a lawyer to sue Mattel's Fisher Price for having fun with my image.  (see this post about a similar dumb lawsuit)

Is there money in toy reviews?

How could I get started as a toy critic?

I stumbled on this new toy being discussed over at the Crytomundo site.  Then I found this good detailed clip the CrunchGear team posted on youtube.

Now if you watched the above clip, did you notice the temper tantrum part?  Whose kid did they model for that behavior?  I have seen tantrums very similar to that.  How about you?

Two benefits of being a toy critic:
  • getting toys sent to you to play and review
  • going to the toy fairs around the world

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greeneyedmomster said...

I have 4 kids. What do you think?

lisleman said...

oh come on, your perfect kids would have never resorted to a tantrum.
perfect parents and perfect kids do NOT exist

secretagentwoman said...

The guy in the video says, "Look at the facial expressions on this guy." Realy ? It's molded plastic - I see ONE expression.

lisleman said...

well the guy is part of the marketing team, what do you expect?
Maybe because his eyes and mouth move that counts as facial.
OR maybe it's the botox look!

Charlie Callahan said...

My wife used to work for a company that designed and fabricated the Barbie Room for Mattel's toy show, and then they switched to all of Fisher Price rooms. Mattel spends HUGE bucks for a guy to say, when the eating function didn't work, "This is a prototype." In that case, he should have had ten backups. Like all of Mattel's toys nowadays, they're cheap Chinese crap sold here for way too many American dollars.

So how was your trip to China to sit for the mold?

lisleman said...

Do I detect some hidden anger? Did you have some bad Chinese food?
Yes I agree that companies too often rush products out without good testing. Also, Mattel toys do not bring fine handcrafted toys to my mind. But no matter where the manufacturing takes place the low cost mass production techniques take the quality out of the product.
With today's 3D modeling technology I could stay at home and still get the mold made.
( I posted something about Chinese toy companies awhile back )
thanks for sharing.

dwmatty said...

I work with a few people like that.

debbie_suburbsanity said...

Amazing! And yes, I think being a toy reviewer would be a great gig.

lisleman said...

Like I have said, most of us work with a few clowns short of a circus.

lisleman said...

Yes I'm willing to make a little cash reviewing toys but just my opinion would probably not cut it. Do you have any great toy ideas?

unknownmami said...

The temper tantrum was modeled after a few that I have thrown.

lisleman said...

the first step is to recognize and admit the problem. second step - kick the wall. I'm starting to convince myself that swearing in Latin is the way to go.

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